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Acoustic Research AR77-XB Reviews

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Acoustic Research AR77-XB

Acoustic Research AR77-XB

5/10 by ybb

9/10 by jj208t

I just bought a pristine used example. With the Rega felt mat and a GE VR 1000-7 cartridge, it sounds incredible. I have owned 4 AR's over the decades and have always found them to be dead silent, on speed, with inaudible wow, flutter, or rumble. These seem to be ageless as they do what they are intended to do.

9/10 by desertdog

A true classic, overlooked in its day by turntables that were more fashionable far more expensive and to be frank just did not sound anyway near as good as the at. Magazines on specialist topics have not always done HiFi enthusiasts service! Probably still don't. Posted 2015

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