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Acoustic Research XB1 Reviews

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Acoustic Research XB1

Acoustic Research XB1

9/10 by jnjansen

I picked up this model for parts from a dealer who cracked the plastic collar during a tonearm rewire. I read about installing a Technics SL-series arm wand as an upgrade on this site and gave it a try. After an initial test proved that the mod worked, I cleaned and relubed the table, refreshed the foam dampers, polished the platter, and installed a half-inch birch plywood bottom plate so I could mount some rubber feet. Wow! That's all I can say. This deck goes head to head and maybe even beyond the new Planar 3 I had just picked up the week earlier. However, because of bouncy floors, I had to install a Shure SC35c to keep it from skipping. So it sounds great but not as good as with some of my more refined cartridges.

9/10 by Richard Coxon

A superb turntable with excellent construction and engineering leading to the production of a clear and stable sound.Bought to replace a TD190-2 which was quite frankly rubbish.

9/10 by Wardie44

Like Alan Aldrich, I bought mine new in 1976, too, but in Australia. I have kept the original tone-arm but, in the 1980s, went to a Stanton 680EE (or is it 681EE?) stylus, which some dislike, because it incorporates a brush. I also replaced the drive belt some time back.

I have just re-organised my TV/HiFi gear and the turntable is now easily accessible and still plays good LPs as if they are CDs. It is - in my opinion - BRILLIANT!

9/10 by Alan Aldrich

I bought my XB1 in 1976, it was brilliant then and still sounds as good as ever today. I purchased a new cartridge yesterday to replace the Shure 95EJ I had in it from new. The new cartridge a Ortofon 2M black means more years of listening pleasure. I do have a minor rumble at high volume levels but overall this turntable is such a treasure. I replaced the belt about 18 months ago and that is all its ever had done to it.

10/10 by Per Almlund

I bought my AR XB in the 70s, it is a very special version modified by the dealer, they replace the tonearm with a SME 3009 II imp. Today the turntable is often used, now beefed up with a Ortofon 2M Bronze. It´s a gem, I love it. Perfect tracking and no rumble, like a tank. With a record in good shape, CD has no change in sound quality.

9/10 by desertdog

I used to sell these in early 1970s. brilliant sound for the money, it would out perform all the other decks we sold. Direct drive units did not even have a look in.

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