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Acoustic Research The AR Turntable Reviews

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Acoustic Research The AR Turntable

Acoustic Research The AR Turntable

9/10 by Reb2

owned from 1986 (second hand), and it's going in to my grave with me, if I can keep it spinning !

10/10 by tomh

Like many of you I've owned many brands of turntable over many years. My AR ES1 has the sapphire thrust bearing and the MMT arm that was fitted to the table. The plinth was milled of natural cherry. Sonically the table is very dynamic and produces a very open, even wide and deep sound stage in my system. The isolation is superb and the table is extremely silent. The only issue is that the spring suspension can cause needle jumping on a loose second floor.

10/10 by britaudio

I have over some 27 years owned several of these and every time I get rid of one I ask myself why? I go and find another one and go through the same upgrade path, Rega arm, Incognito wiring, metal or perspex armboard and of course Goldring 1042 cartridge. This combination is very hard to beat and I can strongly recommend this table to all that want a quality deck on a budget.

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