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Acoustic Research EB101 Reviews

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Acoustic Research EB101

Acoustic Research EB101

8/10 by MikeyB456

Surprisingly capable deck. The suspension does the job, despite being simplified compared with the other AR decks. The arm doesn't look much, but it works well. Overall, it's capable of a decent soundstage, good clarity and definition. A decent secondhand bargain on Ebay!

10/10 by izzy69

9/10 by AR1987

I have had many a turntable from the time I first started destroying my fathers Rolling Stones albums in 1970. I bought my first turntable in 1976 and around 1987 I bought my last an AR EB-101. Put a stanton epoch II on it and loved it. Recently I picked up a couple other turntables and truthfully the AR is still the best I have ever owned. Still on the original belt, changed last month to an ortofon blue and never a problem, and I look to find another EB 101 in the future

5/10 by desertdog

Good but not as good as older models.

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