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ADC Accutrac 4000 Reviews

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ADC Accutrac 4000

ADC Accutrac 4000

10/10 by jeffTP1800

I got this table cheap still in the box. The thing is... I dont really use the program features of this amazing sounding table because I play LP's from beginning to end so what I did when it was time to replace the stylus (needles are not easy to find for this table)... I grabbed a standard stylus for an ADC XLM cartridge and guess what? it fits perfectly. OK, it blocks the seeing eye thing but the tale works PERFECT as a standard automatic table w/ this stylus installed. :) Besides that... this table actually sounds just as good as my Sony X-50 and it has a great cool factor attached to it. Its a keeper.

10/10 by Freshstart777

The best turntable I ever owned, I use to live in a 3rd floor apartment that had a lot of bounce to the floor, so I suspended the turntable a inch above my entertainment center from the ceiling, to keep it from skipping, I did not want to add any more weight to the tone arm. It worked great!

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