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JVC QL-F6 JVC QL-F6 10/10  by eyalahav
Denon DP-37F Denon DP-37F 8/10  by mrjosera
Technics SL-QL15 Technics SL-QL15 8/10  by E_m
Pro-ject RPM 1 Pro-ject RPM 1 4/10  by E_m
Clearaudio Concept Turntable Clearaudio Concept Turntable 9/10  by E_m
Pioneer PL-540 Pioneer PL-540 10/10  by Marec2
Denon DP-23F Denon DP-23F 5/10  by CurtC
JVC QL-Y55F JVC QL-Y55F 9/10  by GJ Brown
Sony PS-X555ES Sony PS-X555ES 9/10  by jdhorn1
Technics SL-J2 Technics SL-J2 8/10  by erikpsmith
Technics SL-D303 Technics SL-D303 8/10  by Techman77
Pioneer PL-540 Pioneer PL-540 3/10  by ChefE
Technics SL-1401 Technics SL-1401 9/10  by sl1411
Dual 601 Dual 601 7/10  by lreneat
Technics SL-D1 Technics SL-D1 8/10  by lreneat
Pioneer PL-41 Pioneer PL-41 8/10  by jpref23
Pioneer PL-6A Pioneer PL-6A 9/10  by jpref23
Micro Seiki MB-14 Micro Seiki MB-14 10/10  by chefhat
Technics SL-D2 Technics SL-D2 10/10  by hootie01
Technics SL-1700 Technics SL-1700 9/10  by 7teesand8tees

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