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Roksan Radius 5
9/10  by oradba69
Akai AP-D33
7/10  by Electone
Technics SL-1700
9/10  by bobcae
Thorens TD224
7/10  by kaplang
Hitachi HT-350
5/10  by RickDD
Philips GA 212
9/10  by JJCalvillo
Sharp Optonica RP-105H
8/10  by Arietheviking50
Hitachi PS-8
9/10  by Samwich36
8/10  by Leon_E
CEC DD-8200
9/10  by VintagePJA
Rega Planar 3
5/10  by Dinger1000
Yamaha YP-D71
5/10  by brunomarcs
Synq X-TRM 1
10/10  by _ITX_
Pioneer PL-250
10/10  by slobrain
Michell GyroDec
10/10  by Brownlow
Pioneer PL-15D
10/10  by Bert0324
Pioneer PL-518
10/10  by slobrain
Harman Kardon ST7
10/10  by MrZarniwoop
Braun PS 1000
5/10  by caliban0
8/10  by Pedja

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