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Dual 721 Dual 721 9/10  by mgl99
Technics SL-1900 Technics SL-1900 10/10  by mgl99
Palladium NSP-5000 Palladium NSP-5000 5/10  by saxonufo
Nikko NP-800 Nikko NP-800 6/10  by gnickers
Thorens TD124 Thorens TD124 10/10  by audiolvr
BSR C141R BSR C141R 5/10  by scottmerrill
Pro-ject Debut Pro-ject Debut 10/10  by szoze
Pro-ject RPM 9 Pro-ject RPM 9 9/10  by EEWdad
Kenwood KD-5100 Kenwood KD-5100 10/10  by theabs
Akai AP-Q70 Akai AP-Q70 8/10  by davy_75019
Elac Miracord 50H Elac Miracord 50H 7/10  by KentT
Telefunken S 600 HiFi Telefunken S 600 HiFi 9/10  by fj2525vl
Micro Seiki DD-33 Micro Seiki DD-33 10/10  by VC77
Dual CS 505 Dual CS 505 10/10  by JeanPaul
Thorens TD2001 Thorens TD2001 10/10  by JeanPaul
Sony PS-LX510 Sony PS-LX510 10/10  by clau_bk
Technics SL-5350 Technics SL-5350 9/10  by jwspicer1
Telefunken STS-1 Telefunken STS-1 9/10  by songo
Realistic LAB-250 Realistic LAB-250 9/10  by Fjimenez
Kenwood KD-700 Kenwood KD-700 10/10  by InsoMniacx

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