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Garrard SL65

Postby Celticguitar666 » 14 Nov 2013 19:58

Hi all just picked up one of these Garrard Sl65 complete with a nice dust cover not cracked or scratched up multi play shaft and a shure M91 cart. for $20 I intend to use it for 78 play so the cart works by getting a 78 stylus which is available for this cart. Motor runs so I think it just needs a good cleaning to get it up to snuff good stable mate for my SL40. Who knew I would get 2 of these without trying? Great for 78 playback!
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Re: Garrard SL65

Postby DSJR » 14 Nov 2013 21:22

It's really not a bad deck, even for LP's in my opinion. The SP25mk2 single player version sold by the bucketload in the UK in the mid 60's and there are modern cartridges (Ortofon GT/OM Pro) that transform the sonics over the safe-as-houses AT91/95e/Stanton 500 etc..

Loads of Shure 78 styli available (N75-3) so god luck and enjoy the deck :)
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