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PL 12D tonearm sub weight

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PL 12D tonearm sub weight

Postby stiffy » 03 May 2013 13:56

Hi, When I got my PL12 D it had a sub weight fitted to the tonearm which I removed when setting up.
I never refitted it. The cartridge fitted is a Realistic R25XT with a Shure X3 stylus but I can't find any info regarding cartridge weight anywhere.

Should the sub weight be re-fitted?

Secondly I'm considering a minor overhaul for this tt and wondered what anyones views would be about either keeping the current cartridge and replacing the stylus with an aftermarket one or fitting one of the following carts.

Rega Carbon, Audio Technica AT91. (I'm on a very tight budget).
Thank you.
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Re: PL 12D tonearm sub weight

Postby gazatthebop » 05 May 2013 09:10

i keep the sub weight in place as i often play with the lid down and the rear of the tonearm stays further away from the lid as it moves across the record that way. I replaced my original shure m75ED cart with a shure m95 ED and replaced the thin ply base with 1" thick mdf
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