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Elac Mircord 50H II Tone Arm Lubrication

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Elac Mircord 50H II Tone Arm Lubrication

Postby azrealtor » 22 Dec 2012 20:39

Hello Everyone,
I have an Elac Miracord 50H II That I purchased in Bamberg Germany in 1972. The unit has worked every time I've attempted to use it. For those who are asking about Cartridges and Stylus for the unit, I just purchased a Shure M92E (Cartridge and Stylus) from Amazon for $39 and it sounds great. I have a question for those in the know; when the unit starts to play the first tack on an album, it skips a lot. It doesn't after that. I can see that the Stylus is trying to move forward but the Arm is not. My instruction book has nothing to offer in Lubricating the Arm. It only says that the unit has been lubricated for long time to come. Well a long time has come and passed and I think that's what is causing the initial skipping on the first track. Does anyone have any instructions on how to lubricate the Arm. There's a screw near the base of the Arm's pivot base, is this screw just securing the Arm's base to the chassis? Any Help will be appreciated.
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