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Audio Technica SLT96E Cartridge?

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Audio Technica SLT96E Cartridge?

Postby supernaut42 » 01 Nov 2012 01:41

I recently got a turntable with a Audio Technica SLT96E cartridge on it, but haven't been able to find really any information on it. All I have found on it is a stylus replacement for it here: ... slt96e.htm

but the stylus it came with (from the person i bought it from) was this model (I ordered this to replace the old one): ... ds=atn102p

I'm basically just wondering if anyone else has this cartridge or knows if it is good or not. (I'm assuming it's a pretty decent cartridge)
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Re: Audio Technica SLT96E Cartridge?

Postby gg383 » 01 Nov 2012 09:00

There's no info in the library but the generic stylus is cheap so it gives you time to shop around for a better unit. AT95E's can be found under $50.00 with free shipping, Amazon. The site you bought from showed an AT marked stylus but a review underneath it said their stylus had no markings on it when it was received. It's a bit of voodoo in the stylus world, if it's cheap there probably is a reason for it!! If you're not happy with it, bitch like hell and tell them they miss represented the stylus. I check out e-bay ads and send messages to sellers all the time telling them that their blank (unmarked) stylus is not a NOS this or that, it's a generic. Shure marked styli were downgraded when manufacturing went to Mexico, and they're marked Shure!! You really got to read up on what you're looking for and be careful and ask questions if you're not sure about the stylus you are buying. I hope your stylus sounds good to you. Glenn.
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