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Dual 1241 should I get?

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Dual 1241 should I get?

Postby rromeo923 » 30 Apr 2012 23:43

I have a chance to get a Dual 1241 for $50 needs new cartridge. Cant find any real info on this TT. Anyone have any experience with one? What should I look out for when checking it out?

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Re: Dual 1241 should I get?

Postby ThomAudioGuy » 01 May 2012 21:44

Hi. I've owned one since 1978! Nice turntable. It can be afflicted with any/all of the old age symptoms you'll find elsewhere in the Dual forum here, so do some reading. It is belt drive, so you'll probably need a new belt, in addition to a cartridge. For service info, the 1249 is mechanically similar and you can get the 1249 service manual in the archive here. The 1241 includes a lot of plastic parts that were sturdier in earlier Dual models, in my opinion. (One of the bearing mounts in my tone arm literally crumbled to pieces after about 10 years use; I fixed it, but it was intricate.) Look for problems by checking to see that there is little "play" in the vertical and horizontal axes of the tone arm, and that it moves freely. Doesn't sound like you'll get to actually play the thing before buying, but if it looks cosmetically good and "unbent" it's definitely worth the fifty bucks. If you can't run it, at least spin the platter just to make sure nobody dropped anything on it! Good luck and let us know how it works out.
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