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Gemini XL-100 - just bought cheap, any good?

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Gemini XL-100 - just bought cheap, any good?

Postby 28Snakes » 12 Apr 2012 20:56

I'm sorry for the ignorant question, but I just left a yard sale after purchasing a (pretty much) brand new turntable for $15.

It's a Gemini XL-100 and I guess it's main purpose is for DJ-ing? Now this poses a question from me, is there any big difference between a turntable marketed/produced for DJ's and what I call a normal turntable?

I saw this thing and I just had to have it. It looks nice, brand-new condition, has pitch controls, a strobe AND a removable headshell :) The AKAI ap-b20 turntable (pictured in my avatar) I have currently is missing a dust cover and the motor is starting to show it's age. I LOVE that turntable, but would it be silly to replace it with this Gemini thing? To be honest, when I read the words, "Visit us at" on the box, I got bummed... the word "DJ", when it comes to turntables, for some reason automatically makes me think, "Not a Turntable", and I put my nose up. Hah, when I think of it, I remember that my AKAI was used by a DJ and had a DJ stylus on it when I first got it. Maybe I'm being silly and it really doesn't matter?

I can't wait to hook it up and have a listen, but I can't at the moment and so figured I'd write this.

Thanks in advance and please discuss!
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Re: Gemini XL-100 - just bought cheap, any good?

Postby 13oots2 » 12 Apr 2012 22:01

It looks to be a lot better than basic TT's such as Crosley and is much better than your standard DeeJay deck with a straight arm. For $15 I would say you got a fair deal and should serve as a good starter TT to see if you like the vinyl experience. It is no Technics SL-1200 but will play vinyl without damaging it unlike the straight arm scratching TT's

You may well need a new belt and cartridge or stylus but you should be able to get something for a moderate outlay.
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