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Empire(?) Vs Dual 1019: Which To Keep?

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Empire(?) Vs Dual 1019: Which To Keep?

Postby gfphoto » 26 May 2011 02:08


I have an Empire turntable and under the belt cover (if that's what it's called) it looks like a date of 10-31-62 and under the platter 12-21-62, both with A108. It seems to run okay but has no cartridge. Good condition I think.


Also a Dual 1019. This one has a cartridge and seems to work fine. Also in good shape.

Could someone Help me with identifying the model of the Empire and advising me as to which would be the best to keep? Also what would be a fair price to ask for either? Or should I keep both? Or sell both?

Thanks in advance,

Gary Fuchs
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Postby cduarte » 26 May 2011 05:14

personally I'd take the empire over the dual in a heartbeat, ymmv.
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Postby Doug G. » 26 May 2011 05:27

Yeah, I agree unless you must have automatic.

If that's a photo of your actual Empire, it appears to be in wonderful condition.

Empires are much sought after and are excellent turntables.

Your's is a model 208 basically and the arm installed makes it a model 298.

1019s are good too (I have one) but the Empires are just...well... something special and historic.

Just google "Empire turntable" and you'll see.

EDIT: Oops, I forgot one of your options is to keep both. That's what I would do. :D

Doug G.
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Postby nat » 26 May 2011 13:46

Hope the Empire has the cartridge sled -- they can be hard to find and pricey.
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Postby duficity » 26 May 2011 23:38

your empire is likely a 398. I have one and would take it over any Dual.
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Postby rorenoren » 26 May 2011 23:58


keep the Dual.

Send me the Empire, I love its look, but must be a bad machine!

Could send you some more Duals.....

Just joking, keep the Empire, get a cartridge- holder or build one yourself.

Dual TT are like flies over here in Germany, I like them for their quality, but they bore me.
(not all of them)

I donĀ“t know about the technical and acoustical qualities of the Empire, but would keep it for its look alone.
(and the Dual for its functions, for example 78 rpm)

If its an option, keep both.

Regards, Jens
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Postby gfphoto » 27 May 2011 04:00

Thank you all for the information and advice. Now I'm thinking to keep both so sorry probably can't send it to Germany...packing would be tough anyway...

I tried to find a picture of a "cartridge sled"--I think it's missing. Is it possible to machine a substitute?

Here's what I have:


Thanks again,

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Postby Whatever » 04 Jun 2011 22:51

Don't mean to hijack this thread but where would a VPI Scout fit in ?
Worth the extra money ?

Postby randr » 09 Jun 2011 04:43

Definitely not a 398. I believe Doug G is correct as it being a 298 if it came equipped with the Empire arm. There is a post on this forum with a good history of the Empire worth finding & reading.

Try searching E-Bay. There was a guy selling OEM original cart adapters. A bit pricey but worth it to keep it all Empire. Don't over tighten the single fastening screw or it will seriously warp the plastic cart adapt.

Dual vs Empire. Both great but in my mind the name Empire, the looks, and with the right cartridge, the sound is just cooler.

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Postby JoeE SP9 » 09 Jun 2011 05:33

The Empire is definitely worth hunting up the cartridge slide!! It looks really good. The Dual is a fully auto record changer. Stacking records on top of each other doesn't appeal to me.

You question needs some clarification.
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