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Syrinx Le1, Shure Ultra 500, Shure Vn5mr, Goldmund Clamp

sold out

Syrinx Le1, Shure Ultra 500, Shure Vn5mr, Goldmund Clamp

Postby joc1701 » 26 Apr 2011 20:28

As priced, OBO. Let me know!

Syrinx LE1 Tonearm w/Vampire Wire gold tip RCA cable, mounting
hardware: Great shape/working order. $350
(Sold price found on same tonearm, NOT including cable: $325)

Shure Ultra 500 Cartridge: Excellent shape/working order: $400

Sure VN5MR Stylus: Excellent shape. I took a look at it under a
magnifying lamp and was pleasantly surprised by the fine condition. The
cantilever, stylus, and needle all look great. $250

Goldmund Relief Clamp: Great shape. Tighten/loosen with ease, bushings
move smoothly. $225

These items were used with my Goldmund Studietto. The dustcover and front and back panels were damaged in shipping, the power supply is missing, and the motor is an original Pabst made in Germany, so I'm selling these items ala carte. Also have the top and bottom platforms, springs, platter, and motor from unit that I will sell, make me an offer.
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Postby duficity » 27 Apr 2011 04:40

My god, what happened to the Studietto? I had been interested in it before? What is left? Can you send me a picture of the remains. I am looking for parts for a project.
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Goldmund Parts

Postby nsgarch » 24 Jul 2011 19:25

Hi Joc,

I have two Studiettos -- one I just acquired. Which of the items you listed (if any) do you still have left? Thanks,

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