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Thorens Td 180?

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Thorens TD 180?

Postby bobellis75 » 08 Mar 2011 00:55

Is this a good turntable? I'm looking at getting a used turntable...trying to get back into vinyl. Can pick up one of these for $100? Is that a good value? I'm also looking at a Garrard for $110 or best offer (see my post in Garrard forum).

Thanks so much for any Help you guys can give me.....
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Postby OneyedK » 08 Mar 2011 09:23

I'm sorry, it's in German, but the guy talks sense and the paragraph about TD180 is very clear ;)

For the same price or a little bit more, you can find a TD150 or TD160.

TD 170 / 180 / 190 – No comment, vergessen Sie diese Dinger besser.
Wobei es einen Ur-170 gibt, der ein Bruder des TD 150 ist – für den gilt natürlich das für den 150er Gesagte.

TD 170 / 180 / 190 – No comment, forget about these things.
One exception, the original TD-170, wich was a brother of the TD 150, and what goes for the TD 150 goes for that specific TD 170.
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Postby lini » 11 Mar 2011 00:58

bob: Oh, well, the TD180 in my view still was a better record player than the current TD170 and TD190 from the new Thorens company. Nevertheless the TD180 wasn't really much of a Thorens anymore - and 100 bucks wouldn't exactly seem to be a really good price, unless the exemplar would be in like-new condition. However, if you want proper Thorens quality, I'd suggest not to go below the TD104/105, TD110/115 or TD280.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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