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Yamaha YP 701 and other goodies!

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Yamaha YP 701 and other goodies!

Postby TheBigfoot » 17 Jan 2011 04:59

Hello all!
I have no experience in audio equipment but have always been interested with vinyl, so I was hoping if I could get some advice.

I've found an ad for craigslist offering this equipment.

Yamaha CR 2020 Receiver
Yamaha YP 701 Turntable
Two Yamaha NS 690 Speakers (WOOD)
Two Yamaha NS 6 Speakers (WOOD)

For $450.00

The seller says everything works perfectly.

Is this a reasonable price? I'm going to go see the equipment tomorrow morning, is there anything I should look for?

Thank you so much for the Help, and I hope my next post includes pictures :D
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Postby Alec124c41 » 19 Jan 2011 09:32

If they are in good condition - GRAB THEM!
CR-2020 - 120 watts per side, clean!
690 speakers - pull the woofer, and put some fiberglass on the bottom and sides, where the magnet has pushed the batts back. Raise them about a foot.
Those I own. :)
The TT should be good, too. The NS-5s are gravy.

Keep them spinning.
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Postby duficity » 19 Jan 2011 19:04

the yp-701 is a very nice turntable. The system sounds well balanced and worth the price.
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Re: Yamaha YP 701 and other goodies!

Postby Crimson » 09 Nov 2011 18:38

Did you get them? I'd like to hear your opinions and see some pics!
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