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Postby vinnie34 » 17 Nov 2010 23:11

Hi Everyone,
I'm looking right now to buy a used Technics turntable, BUT I have a lot of questions to ask and want to be sure I will not fall on a bad model or bad turntable, like it happen when I buy my Dual CS 505-1 a couple of weeks ago.

First question: With the exception of the 1210 mk2 model, who is too expensive for me, witch number models are good enough? I have to say that I prefer more a turntable with a pitch, it's very important for me, also a turntable with a conventional cartridge, who will give more choice when it will be the time to buy a new stylus or a complete headshell with a new stylus. I don't care a lot about automatic or fully manual or auto-reverse or not. What i'm looking for is a turntable who will cost around 200-300$ used maximum and who will deliver a great sound, not a weak sound like with the Dual CS 505-1 (stylus limitation on that model)...

Second question: Direct drive? Belt drive? Witch one is better and what is the difference between them? I own in the past (1993) an old Technics SL-B2 who don't last a long time, the motor has stopped working for no reason. The belt was new. I remember that this model had a high level of background noises, especially a "buzzz" sound, like the turntable was not grounded but the wire of the ground was new also and everything was fine, the background noise was worse when I was approaching my fingers near the tonearm (cartridge).

Third question: For the motor, I hear that the servo motor tend to loose their speed accuracy or just burn out easily after a while, is it true? Also, a quartz lock with a pitch control is it a good choice or not? For the tonearm, a "S" shape tonearm or straight arm? Witch one is the best?

Fourth question: Ok now I entering into a really criticism subject, but do you think a "linear turntable" is a good choice? Is it true that the tonearm motor stop to work often on them after a while?

Here few models that interest me a lot : Witch ones will be better and why?

Technics SL-DL1 Linear Tracking Turntable

Technics SL-10 turntable



Technics SL-QD35 Direct Drive

Technics SL-QD35 Direct Drive lock

Thanks everyone for your Help

Vince ;-)
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Postby DON73 » 28 Nov 2010 00:08

I've had a SL1700 for over 30yrs. and it's still going. It's a direct drive servo type, semi automatic, pitch adjustment for 33 1/3 and 45rpm. Google vintage technics turntables and you should find a site with the specs. for all Technics Turntables.
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Postby KentT » 28 Nov 2010 04:03

For me it is,

SP-10 Mk II or III, SP-15, SP-25 followed by SL-1200 line. SL-1500, 1600 and 1700 and Mk II variants. SL-D and Q line lastly.
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Postby Van_Isle » 03 Dec 2010 09:50

Keep your eyes open locally for something .... there are far too many horror stories dealing with packaging nightmares for shipping.

There is a huge range of Technic models out there .... so, here are some specs you can use for comparison of models and features + pictures.

I would just go with:

a) models with specs close or equal to the SL-1200
b) features you want
c) ones that you like the looks of
c) search the forums here and audiokarma (+ others ?) for known issues on your short list

and as I said keep your eyes open for local sales. I got my SL-1401 off of craigslist .... It was a lady cleaning out the basement after her divorce. I think I paid about $40 for it.
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Re: Best vintage technics...

Postby flavio81 » 03 Dec 2010 15:46

vinnie34 wrote:Here few models that interest me a lot : Witch ones will be better and why?

Technics SL-DL1 Linear Tracking Turntable

Technics SL-10 turntable



Technics SL-QD35 Direct Drive

Technics SL-QD35 Direct Drive lock

Best: SL-1700.
Second best: SL-10 and SL-DL1; but your cartridge choice is relatively more limited respect to above. The SL-10 is a classic, though. Those linear trackers require a bit of lubrication, if you are a DIY guy then this is not a problem.

The rest have too cheap construction. For example the platter on the SL-Q series is way too light.

I'd go for the SL-1700.

For technics, avoid the belt drives since their R&D was devoted to direct drives. The typical Technics S-arms and straight arms are good enough. Don't worry about presence or absence of quartz lock.

Postby Dobs » 11 Jan 2011 12:55

The SL-10 get my vote for the best in your list.
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Postby faj3r » 14 Jan 2011 20:06

I've bought Technics SL-DL1 just yesterday,and I hope it will be good :) It will be my first Turntable ever. I'm waiting for the package now :)
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Postby cafe latte » 15 Jan 2011 01:06

Direct drive or belt, which is the best Hmmm. Bit like saying which is better ford or holden, it depends on the model and year, and often who you are asking :D
A well made DD takes a lot of beating as do idlers, a Garrard 401 for example, but on the other hand well made belt are also good, but there are horrible examples of all.
Really good DD have many technical advantages over belt drive and IMO to get the same performance in belt seems to cost more which is silly as there is less in a belt drive. But buying used there are real bargins to be had whichever way you go
Quartz lock is the most accurate speed wize and there is nothing wrong with a TT with a titch contol, but IMO do not be tempted by the audiotechnica it is acording to reviews very very poor.
s shaped or straght tonearm which is best, well again good and bad examples of both. Fashon in the UK seems to prefere straght, but performance wise spend for spend the Jelco s shaped arms and the sme take a lot of beating. Also the s shaped stock technics performes surprisingly well. Rega straght measure quite well also, but remember with s shaped you can more easily cart swap.
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Postby speedle » 18 Jan 2011 05:44

Of that list, the SL 1700. If you get the Mk2 variety, there is some decent parts commonality with the SL 1200 mk2, which helps with upgrades.
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What Is The Deal with Marantz?

Postby booly38 » 30 Aug 2011 07:25

Greetings Great TT Gurus', can anyone tell me what the big deal is with the vintage marantz? Even some of the TTs are quite pricy now. Are they really that good or what? I have a Marantz 6025 and another I can't even remember the model, I haven't seen where their play is that much superior. Thanks, Billy
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Postby Spyes » 30 Aug 2011 11:39

I don't know much about the Marantz TT's, but I can say this: the marantz receivers are some of the best for their price. Amazing sound quality and clarity, with a warmth that only Marantz can do! And if you listen to radio, the tuners in these babies just cannot be beat!
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Postby jsmiddleton4 » 03 Sep 2011 19:27

You can sort the Technics pretty easily. The dividing line is the tonearm mount and if you can or cannot adjust VTA.
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Postby Smoke Screen » 06 Sep 2011 17:52

jsmiddleton4 wrote:You can sort the Technics pretty easily. The dividing line is the tonearm mount and if you can or cannot adjust VTA.

True words. Imho the best model is SL-1600MK2. It has all what
is needed in good quality for a non-high-endish pricetag.
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Postby Zoon01 » 24 Sep 2011 16:43

If arm hight is not needed put the sl-5300 on your list too.

This is also a very good turntable.
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Re: Best Vintage Technics...

Postby majick47 » 05 Oct 2011 01:11

I'll vote for the SP-10Mk3. You wanted the best in the product line didn't you?
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