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Td160B Mk2 - Ortofon Vms20E Mk2 Vs Azden Gm-1E

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Td160b Mk2 - Ortofon VMS20E Mk2 Vs Azden GM-1E

Postby Jazzer » 03 May 2010 22:49

Hello, I'm a newbie to your site so you will have to be patient with me. I have a Thorens TD160bMk2 from new which is fitted with an SME 2009 Mk2 Improved arm ( with fixed headshell ). The cartridge I am using is an Ortofon VMS20e Mk2 which is in immaculate condition. I am very happy with the sound of this combination. I was just wondering if a practically new Azden GM-1E moving magnet cartridge which a friend offered me would be an improvement over my Ortofon VMS20e Mk2 ? I am getting on and as my arm is a fixed headshell, it is a bit of a deal for me to switch over the cartridges and set it up correctly etc. I am not unhappy with the Ortofon, but I was just curious, as I have never heard of Azden cartridges. I was just wondering if it is worth the trouble to change over.
Many thanks in advance,
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