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Garrard Gt25 Turning Slow.

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Garrard GT25 turning slow.

Postby ohgreatone » 13 Feb 2010 18:16

This one has me frustrated because I think I have done everything I can.
I have a Garrard GT-25 I pulled out of mothballs. Its a 2 speed belt drive out of the late 70's which I have seen some refer to as the plasticy period.

The unit was very slow which I quickly found was an extremely loose old belt.
I bought a new belt and have since disassemble the spindle and cleaned with alcohol the shaft and the 5 ball thrust bearing and washers. Relubed with watch oil. I even removed the cog belt that drives the changer since I am always running in the manual mode. I removed the motor and lubed the top bearing, and removed the bottom plate and cleaned and lubed the bottom bearing.

After all that the platter still turns at a little over 32 rpm.

If I put slight drag on the platter, there is no signs of belt slipping.
The motor appears to be a synchronous motor so it should just turn at the 60Hz designed speed or not turn at all.

What am I missing what else could be wrong.
About the only left could be a worn motor pulley (the spindle).

The motor and platter both turn very freely without the belt on and turned by hand. aka I dont see a lot of drag.

As apposed to my older Type A MkII the motor pulley on this one is not a bolt on but rather appears pressed on and the manual does not list repair parts to fix it.

If I wanted to check the motor speed does anyone know at what speed it should be turning?
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