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The BEST turntable ever built

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The BEST turntable ever built

Postby Guest » 06 Feb 2010 19:28

:arrow: Wich is the BEST turntable ever built?

Postby aardvarkash10 » 06 Feb 2010 19:39

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Postby ethanw » 06 Feb 2010 21:58

ok, he brought the can of worms, who's got the opener??
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Postby theprof291166 » 06 Feb 2010 23:39

The SME series turntables and tone arms are very expensive incredibly well made and sound fantastic. I would say these are amongst the best, but is it worth it?
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Postby finger painter » 07 Feb 2010 00:11

Pink Triangle Anniversary for sonics

For sheer build quality with sonics, Luxman PD300
finger painter

Postby pivot » 07 Feb 2010 00:19

aardvarkash10 wrote:this one

Beat me to the punch - I would have have picked the one at Steamtown NHS in Scranton, PA USA.

..but for the kind that play LPs I think Oracles are pretty. Best sound? I dunno, but they sure are pretty.
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Postby JoeE SP9 » 07 Feb 2010 05:06

I agree with you pivot. I'm socking money away for an Oracle.
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Postby midfi » 07 Feb 2010 06:58

satanfriendly wrote:For sheer build quality with sonics, Luxman PD300
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Postby fromans4 » 07 Feb 2010 08:25

I think there needs to be a breakdown like:

Best Turntable for Build Quality = Luxman PD300

Best Turntable for Sonics = Oracle

Best Turntable for Looks/Sex Appeal = JA Michele Reference Hydraulic ... ulic_4.jpg

Yum :D
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Postby davidsss » 07 Feb 2010 08:46

Ultimate turntables is a difficult category.

Here's a few I'd love to own from my favourite manufacturer:


Hmm, a Micro Seiki AP M1a, delicious :D


A Micro Seiki SZ 1, lovely.


A Micro Seiki SX8000.

I'd love any of these, and I would never want an upgrade. Does that make it the best??

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Postby mysticfred » 07 Feb 2010 10:07

For me the best turntable ever is the Linn LP12 - there may be better ones out there but i will never be able to get to hear them let alone afford to buy them, therefore the Linn is the best TT i have heard. :wink:
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Re: The BEST turntable ever built

Postby analogous » 07 Feb 2010 11:18

pirca wrote::arrow: Wich is the BEST turntable ever built?

The crooks and liars at Stereophile awarded the "VPI Super Scoutmaster Reference" 2009 Analog Source Component of the Year.

This 1953 turntable is probably still unchallenged as the best ever.


But Stereophile awards a turntable that is 56 years behind the competition! Of course, to Stereophile, the EMT 927 never happened because it would otherwise embarrass its advertisers.
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Postby delcam1n0 » 07 Feb 2010 12:48

But, pardon me Analogous, that EMT was a pro
broadcast TT never ever intended for consumer
use and even now unaffordable for 99,999% of
us except some nice Italian opthalmologists...

It certainly is no longer available "out of the box"
like one can buy any of the VPI range now, given
more than ample funds and a craving to own one.

And as far as your knocking Stereophile staff is
concerned I guess you are suffering from a bad
variant of Tea Party Complot Syndrome: Dont
believe anybody, no matter how competent or
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BEST Turntable

Postby gold928 » 07 Feb 2010 13:01

BEST is a minefield. I will have to agree with Fromans4. Best build quality, best looks, and etc. However, the Oracle is a beautiful table that also gives you the sound (I know - I own one). However, beware, they are extremely difficult to setup and to get the sound, they MUST be setup correctly (although the newer Oracles seem to have corrected this problem). This is mostly due to the springs. Also make sure the motor is good - the Pabst motor is not made any more. However, an Origin Live motor easily resolves this problem. Lastly. the Rega arms don't work optimally because of the 122 lenght. They WILL WORK, but they have to be placed at the very back of the turntable base before cartridge alignment can be accomplished, and even at that, the cartridge can BARELY be aligned properly. The SME arms, and the Graham arms work much better.

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Postby hsr2d2 » 07 Feb 2010 14:39

Not sure if it is the best (certainly a top TT, though), but look at the Transrotor Quintessence: ... 1146.shtml

This piece of art is just amazing!

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