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Sony PS-LX510 Owners' Manual

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Sony PS-LX510 Owners' Manual

Postby Madness832 » 27 Dec 2009 08:47

I've got this Sony PS-LX510 linear-tracker, which came from the Goodwill. The tonearm would stick (as is common) at intervals during play, but I fixed it by cleaning the rail & changing the drive belt. So, now it plays through w/ no problem.

My problem is that I'm trying to find the correct setting for a sliding weight in the shaft in the tonearm. There's a little screw on the side that can be slid, by hand, over a range from negative-to-positive. The service manual, found on eBay, only states what it does. So I was hoping that someone might have the owners' manual kicking around (since I've been unable to find one, online).

On a side-note: Since the cartridge is a T4P, I find it odd that something like that would even be included. Aren't they generally preset for 1.25g/f? The cartridge, itself, is the original Sony VL-45G.
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