Technics SP-15 broadcast switch

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Technics SP-15 broadcast switch

Post by Kolledog » 20 Sep 2009 11:39

Good morning. I recently bought a cherry Technics SP-15 from a local radio station. There is an extra four-lead wire coming from underneath the table. I was told that this was wired into the station's console. Apparently the DJ used a switch on the console to to start and stop the table, rather than using the table's on/of switch. Turntable will only start if two of the wires are touched together. I'm assuming the other two leads control the platter brake. Any thoughts about removing these wires so that I can simply control the table with the on/off switch on the top of the table? The wires disappear into the bottom of the table and because I am all thumbs, I'm reluctant to delve too deep. Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have.

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Post by Shoji » 20 Sep 2009 12:27

Hello. With model SP-15 is likely external wire is for start/stop and pitch lock switch function. As start/stop function not available with original switch is likely external wire is in series connection and by pass original switch so need to check circuit in location of S301 in circuit wiring diagram and make connection back to original and take away external wire. Other two wire is possible connected to pitch lock switch S401. Ask for technician to make adjustment back to original if not comfortable with this work for your self.

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Re: Technics SP-15 broadcast switch

Post by jamesbythebay » 13 Jun 2019 20:19

Hi there,

Replying to this extremely old post.

I recently worked on several ex-broadcast SP-15s that also had these broadcast switch leads installed. Inspection revealed that the 4 lead wires are simply wired in series between the "start - stop" switch (in/out), and pins 13 and 16. The lead is connected to a On/Off switch mounted somewhere off the TT itself. The "start - stop" switch on these turntables was also mechanically disabled by use of the set screw.

To restore the Start/Stop function to the onboard "start - stop" switch, simply remove the leads. Really, it's that simple.

I hope this helps.


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