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Is OSAWA a good cartridge?

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Is OSAWA a good cartridge?

Postby zerospin » 22 Jul 2008 18:17

I bought a turntable on eBay, the seller claims that the OSAWA cartridge that came with it is expensive. It's a OSAWA OS-300MP. Does anyone have any experience with this cartridge? What is Moving Permalloy and is this cartridge worth keeping?
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Postby Guest » 22 Jul 2008 19:28



The above is musonics stylus for the 100 / 200 and 300.
At best it will likely turn them all into the 100 .....

One can assume of the 3 the 300 was the best and likely not too bad if
it has an original 300 stylus in good condition in it. Moving Permalloy
is another name for moving iron = most MM cartridges except AT's.

Suck it and see is likely your only option...


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