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where to buy 5 pin tonearm plugs ?

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where to buy 5 pin tonearm plugs...???

Postby Ses » 20 Sep 2003 20:39

Hi all my first forum question...anybody out their know a supplIer of realisticly priced 5 pin tonearm plugs i know about the SME £35 clear audio, and the Cardas, they are all overpriced.....
search as I may I have found no budget alternativs.....
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History of DIN/JIS plugs

Postby JaS » 21 Sep 2003 09:02

Sorry if my reply gets your hopes up but the holy grail of affordable tonearm connectors is a worthy thread to keep going. I'm sure the prices are steep due to supply and demand but they must be available from somewhere for a reasonable sum :?:

For anyone not aware of the history of the 'nearly a DIN' plug try this post over on Audio Asylum:

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Postby Seb » 20 Nov 2003 14:51

The cheaper I found is a vdh TAC sell by highend broker

contact him by email. He do have it
(from holland to France, 28 euros, including shipping)


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5 pin connector source

Postby AudioCon » 06 Oct 2007 16:34

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Where to buy...

Postby Blue Angel » 06 Oct 2007 18:09


I cannot offer a cheap supply but I agree with JaS that this thread should be kept alive, should something affordable turn up. For example the military uses a huge variety of connectors, very often goldplated as well. Perhaps something or someone with military ties can dig up an equivalent or something??

It is of course a serious calamity should these connectors fail, and fail they do. I've had to make 3 from scratch as the Cardas was unaffordable.

It is such an awful little job, each time I made one I swore that was the last.

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Postby Guest » 06 Oct 2007 19:13

The straight cardas connector appears to be half the price of the right angled one..why this would be I have no idea.

Postby finger painter » 06 Oct 2007 21:12

Can't Help you with the plug, but at $160 the Crimson cables from the US are great value (I've seen them on E-bay at pnds160!), I wouldn't know if its the whole cable you are chasing though. Also there is the Audioquest Wild cat, a complete cable from the Needle doctor is a cracking buy at around $75. I had exactly the same problem and trying to source the plugs is a swine.

May be J7 and Audio Origami can Help you out.
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Postby hifitommy » 08 Oct 2007 02:17

is a good source for tonearm interconnects.
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Postby audioorigami » 08 Oct 2007 22:42

there is no cheap 5 pin cardas or vdh or sme conectors to be found
there all expensive and made to suit...i dont know any other use in the sound industry for these conectors

for the right angle plug at around £40-£50 they are very expensive...the straight plug is a little cheaper

soldering these plugs esp the cardas conector is very fiddly...and not for the faint hearted...too much time with the soldering iron heat will melt the plastic around the pins beware...

hope that helps
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Where to buy...

Postby Blue Angel » 09 Oct 2007 07:09

Been there, done that, j7

A truly horrible little job, soldering those wires. A temp. controlled s/iron is essential.


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Re: where to buy 5 pin tonearm plugs...???

Postby andyr » 09 Oct 2007 11:07

Ses wrote::D
Hi all my first forum question...anybody out their know a supplIer of realisticly priced 5 pin tonearm plugs i know about the SME £35 clear audio, and the Cardas, they are all overpriced.....
search as I may I have found no budget alternativs.....

Hi Ses,

The 5-pin DIN plug is a key component of the sound chain so I don't think you can call them "overpriced" ... simply "beyond my means".

Given you're into budget alternatives, I suspect you would have a budget arm? Could this be rewired so that you could remove the DIN socket from the base of your arm and have the wires running from headshell to RCA plugs in one fell sweep?


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Postby Gerard » 09 Oct 2007 13:02

I've used standard 5 pin DIN plugs before. Remove the casing, there is a little work required to the body...sandpaper.
They fit the Grace arms no probs. Rega they need a little work...building up with epoxy or black electrical tape on my first try.

The 270 degree 5 pin male will fit a Grace plug, but the pins just need to be made a little thiner...file or glass paper.

It is fiddly work, but you can do it for less than £1 if you try.

Anyway it helped me out just to try some of the arms I've got.
Maybe not perfect, but it works.

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Postby njm » 10 Oct 2007 00:16

I bought a DIN-ended tonearm cable from this guy on eBay:, you might email him to find out where he gets his from?

Alternatively, buy the whole thing from him... at the prices he charges (less than an SME connector!) for a tonearm cable you have to love soldering to want to DIY
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Postby bouquet » 10 Oct 2007 18:14

Why not use a 9-pin D-connector?
Make your int.wiring two inches longer and solder it to the D-connector
Use a chassis mount connector that measures 29 mm overall ,
so it will fit through most arm mounting holes.
Secure it to the underside of the armboard , so it will make an earth for the mechanical noise coming through the external interconnects.

Contacts are excellent , it's very cheap and stops mechanical noise.

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DIN Phono Connections

Postby gold928 » 10 Oct 2007 19:59

There is a US company called Sigal Cable that makes a SILVER phono cable with high quality plugs for $89.00. The cables are only sold through the website. Cardas phono connectors are available for an added $40.00. The cables are of high quality and the maker is VERY helpful even making a custom lenght for my phono transformer. I have the phono cable as well and have been very pleased.
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