Dual 1214. Less anti-skating force?

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Re: Dual 1214. Less anti-skating force?

Post by DSJR » 21 Jun 2019 19:29

Let's say you have one of the more delicate 1g or so tracking cartridges out there in vintage-land, say a Shure V15T2 or V15 III and even more fragile, a vintage ADC XLM II (the original XLM doesn't work well in these arms). The 1214 tonearm with properly set bearings can happily handle these as well as the top Dual models believe it or not BUT, if playing a single record on 'auto,' the arm drops down onto the record quite abruptly which will stress the stylus assembly severely on a cartridge like this. Using the cueing device first, will lower the stylus gently into position.

Ok, OK, I realise 'we' mostly track at 1.75g to 2g these days and stylus 'suspensions' are less frail as they used to be, but it's good practice I think, to be as gentle as possible- and surely we don't stack LP's still, do we? :)

When I auto-change singles, I switch to a Rega Carbon cartridge (posh AT91) tracking at 1.8g or so and there's no issue.

See and with apologies, I'm coming at this from a more 'audiophile/audiophool' perspective and I tend to cringe at seeing old autochange decks all but throw the stylus onto the record the way 10" platter Duals do without the cueing device being used...

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Re: Dual 1214. Less anti-skating force?

Post by mrow2 » 22 Jun 2019 17:12

Wasn't the que lever release one of the design distinctions pre-summer break and post summer break (as re: the 1219 remake), maybe along the lines of what DSJR is suggesting?

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Re: Dual 1214. Less anti-skating force?

Post by nonost » 26 Jun 2019 13:01

I think I got it but since the cue lever is disengaged when you push the "start" lever, I don't see how it could affect it. The stylus is going down at the same speed not matter what. I feel kind of dumb :S