help needed with storage

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help needed with storage

Post by ollihd » 02 Jan 2019 20:14

I'm sure this has been discussed a thousand times, but I would like an opinion about my situation.

I have this self made storage solution (plans gotten from the internet) and a single row can hold about 90-95 records with outer sleeves.

All my records are in sleeves to minimize ringwear and since I like to think that I keep super good care of my precious records.

My guestion(s) (please see pics below) are:
- should I have all the records (abt. 95) in a row like that? Should I install a barrier at the 50 record mark to relieve pressure?
- will the record at the very end get too much pressure since there is a slight lean to the back
- should I try to stack the rows so full that there is no lean what so ever / tight?

P.S. i keep the record inside the sleeve since I like to see rhe track lists also

Thanks for all the help
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Re: help needed with storage

Post by tom6to1 » 08 Jan 2019 21:01

Not sure if separating these to only 50 at a time will make a great deal of difference but probably won't hurt. What you may want to try is keeping the record in an inner sleeve sitting in front of the cardboard cover within the outer sleeve. That will reduce the mount of ring wear occurring since there is no change (edge of the record where the ring forms) within the cardboard cover. Of course that means you won't see the front cover of any album. Placed in back, you won't see the record contents listing (which you said you didn't like). It is not a perfect solution. I am of 2 minds about doing this since I care more for the vinyl than the cardboard. After 40 years some of my records (from the 1970s) are showing a bit of a ring on the cover. Still, it took decades.

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Re: help needed with storage

Post by WOF49 » 13 Jan 2019 06:21

My solution to ring wear is; place the vinyl in a vinyl sleeve, and then insert both the cover and the vinyl in a resealable Polypropylene sleeve. I insert the vinyl behind the cover so the cover can be viewed and when the record is removed from the vinyl sleeve you can still read all the liner notes on the back. I get my supply of sleeves from Bags Unlimited but there are probably other suppliers. Later.

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