How to open Dual turntables for servicing

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Re: How to open Dual turntables for servicing

Post by Spinner45 » 10 Dec 2018 03:47

Audioplus93 wrote:
10 Dec 2018 00:08
Do you know if the CS-521 has internal RCA jacks? I was going to replace the cables, but if this model doesn't feature internal RCA's, I may as well re-solder new plugs on existing cables.
Thanks for your info!
Those likely are soldered-on cables.

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Re: How to open Dual turntables for servicing

Post by dualcan » 31 Jan 2019 19:14

All units that are designated as CS, have clip-on cables on the muting switch.
The CS (Component System) version of any turntable, designates it as a turntable mounted in the factory with plinth and cover, with a factory installed cartridge mostly , but not always.
Since these units are shipped pre-assembled, there was no need to incur the extra expense of internal RCA connectors.
It is always advisable to keep the original cable and just change the RCA ends, as the factory cable has 100% shielding over the center conductor. This ensures reduce hum to as near to zero as possible.