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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by billshurv » 03 Aug 2018 11:40

I can fully believe that. Decca did do some marvellous recordings and QA was top notch back then. I have started more and more going to older recordings as there does seem some truth in the idea that modern conductors are playing it 'too safe'. The BBC building a library podcasts are great for this.

As a result I am now starting to appreciate Furtwangler a lot more. Although you generally have to go CD for his recordings now.

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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by vinyl master » 03 Aug 2018 17:38

Well, I stopped at one of my local thrifts again and picked up the following for 50 cents apiece...

1. FIRESIGN THEATRE SEZ: Everything You Know Is Wrong
2. NAT KING COLE This Is Nat King Cole
3. THE DUKE ELLINGTON ORCHESTRA Take The Holiday Train (conducted by Mercer Ellington)

and 7 45's from the likes of Jesse Belvin, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, Barbara McNair, Manfred Mann, etc.

Not bad for a day's work, and I'll keep looking!

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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by vinyl master » 04 Aug 2018 09:06

Speaking of looking, I guess I should fill you in on two more new thrift stores that happened to be in the area I was in today and another on the way home, so I stopped in to take a look...Care to join me??? :wink:

Anyway, the first one was a Sally Ann I have never been to before...


I figured this place had to have some records and BOY, was I right???! #-o

Be forewarned, as the next few pics might bring tears to your eyes... :cry: This is what I saw when I went looking for the records...


So, first off, a.) what a clusterf**k, b.) it looks like a vendor from the record show gave up and dumped all his 45's here and c.) I guess today will be "classic country 45'" day! :lol:

Since I dig picture sleeves (and because my dad ingrained a love of classic country music into me), I picked out 49 of those 45's...I whittled them down from 85, since they were priced the same as the LP's...


50 cents apiece wasn't too bad, but I wanted to be judicious in my pickings, as I had another thrift store to go to...Besides, if the pickings were good, I'd be back! =D>

Now, this was weird...Do you remember when I showed you all these copies of Alan Parsons' "Pyramid" at another Sally Ann? :-k


Well, it was the same thing this time, but with 45' picture sleeves...What do you think the top THREE offenders were (and by the way, I like all three artists)??? :-k

Well, first, there was a lot of Alabama in there and this is #3 on the list..."40 Hour Week" was a good song, but did it warrant a ton of sleeves?



#2 was this "non-hit" from Steve Miller...great sleeve, but how many copies does one need??? :-k



And #1 on the list...Can you guess what it is??? Not what I thought it was, either...The former Jefferson Airplane vocalist had a big hit with this one (and it's a favorite!), but really, who needs this many sleeves??? :shock:



There must have been...like...20 of them! #-o

I did get some nice copies of each of those sleeves...I also picked up these to add to my picture sleeve collection...Many of them had the records inside, although I have some of the missing 45's...

Some country...

1. RAY PRICE Danny Boy PS
2. KAREN WHEELER Born To Love And Satisfy b/w A Woman In Love (PS)
3. DONNA FARGO Little Girl Gone (PS)
4. DONNA FARGO The Happiest Girl In The Whole U.S.A. (PS) (My mom loves Donna's music, so maybe these will be gifted to her!)
5. ROBIN LEE This Old Flame (Promo)(PS)
6. ROBIN LEE I Heard It On The Radio b/w Angel In Your Arms (PS)
7. REBA MCENTIRE Somebody Should Leave (Promo) (PS)
8. KRIS KRISTOFFERSON & RITA COOLIDGE A Song I Like To Sing b/w From The Bottle To The Bottom (PS)
9. TANYA TUCKER Not Fade Away b/w Texas (When I Die) (PS)
10. TANYA TUCKER Just Another Love b/w You Could Change My Mind (PS)
11. TANYA TUCKER Love Me Like You Used To (PS)

There was more from the likes of Keith Whitley, Dwight Yoakam and Randy Travis, but there will be another time for those, I'm sure...I might have some of those sleeves, so I'll have to look...

I also bought some pop and rock sleeves...

12. CLIFF RICHARD Give A Little Bit More b/w Keep On Looking (PS)
13. OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN A Little More Love b/w Borrowed Time (PS)
14. NEW ENGLAND DDT b/w Elevator (PS)
15. TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS The Waiting b/w Nightwatchman (PS)
16. THE POLICE King Of Pain b/w Someone To Talk To (PS)
17. THE STRAY CATS Rock This Town b/w You Can't Hurry Love (PS) (I have that one, but it's Brian Setzer and I don't pass up any Brian Setzer, esp. when it's cheap!)
18. LAUREN WOOD Half As Much b/w Dark December Night (PS)

What is interesting is that Lauren Wood had a 1979 hit with this...


...It featured a singer named Michael McDonald on background vocals...Now you may have heard of a band called The Doobie Brothers, which the aforementioned Michael was a member of...Now, I want you to look at this 45' I culled from the stacks...


Take a listen to this and tell me if it isn't the same guy!


Methinks this is one of his earlier efforts...Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong! But, if not, a great find, as I am a McDonald aficionado! In fact, this one I have is even older yet and is among three or four of his singles I have on the Bell label!


Michael's 45' wasn't the only one I picked out...I also grabbed these 45's sans picture sleeves...

More country...

19. TANYA TUCKER Would You Lay WIth Me (In A Field Of Stone) b/w No Man's Land
20. GLEN CAMPBELL Homeward Bound & (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay b/w Mary In The Morning
21. GLEN CAMPBELL On The Wings Of My Victory (Promo 45')(Watch the Glen Campbell documentary...Heartbreaking, but also a tribute to a great man!)
22. HOMER & JETHRO Please help Me, I'm Falling b/w Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Polkadot Bikini
23. HOMER & JETHRO He'll Have To Go b/w Sink The Bismarck

Not sure about these unknowns, but I took a chance on them...

24. THE CORBIN/HANNER BAND Time Has Treated You Well (Promo 45' with poster!)
25. THE CORBIN/HANNER BAND America's Sweetheart (Promo 45')
26. GIRLS NEXT DOOR Pretty Boy's Cadillac b/w Slow Boat To China

I love the 5th Dimension and I have all their albums, but I saw a lot of their 45's, so I thought I'd be a completist and add these very nice copies...

27. THE 5TH DIMENSION Up Up And Away b/w Which Way To Nowhere
28. THE 5TH DIMENSION Stoned Soul Picnic b/w The Sailboat Song
29. THE 5TH DIMENSION Medley: Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In b/w Don'tcha Hear Me Callin' To Ya
30. THE 5TH DIMENSION Love's Lines, Angles & Rhymes b/w The Singer
31. THE 5TH DIMENSION (Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At All b/w The River Witch
32. THE 5TH DIMENSION If I Could Reach You b/w Tomorrow Belongs To The Children
33. MARILYN MCCOO & BILLY DAVIS, JR. You Don't Have To Be A Star (To Be In My Show) b/w We've Got To Get It On Again

Also, picked up two from The Sunshine Company...

34. THE SUNSHINE COMPANY Happy b/w Blue May
35. THE SUNSHINE COMPANY On A Beautiful Day b/w Darcy Farrow

Plus, some R&B...

36. THE UNIFICS The Beginning Of My End b/w Sentimental Man
37. CANDI STATON He Called Me Baby b/w What Would Become Of Me
38. RAY CHARLES Born To Love Me b/w String Bean

...An odd Cancon special...

39. TROOPER Whatcha Gonna Do About Me b/w Santa Maria

...and a weird, funky one...

40. WAYNE COCHRAN & THE C.C. RIDERS Do You Like The Sound Of The Music (Promo 45')


...and even weirder...

41. DORA HALL EP (w/PS?) You Made Me Love You/Rock-A-Bye Your Baby b/w Waiting For The Robert E.Lee/My Mammy

The rest were duplicates for a friend of mine...

Now, the next batch is for all of you who decry there are no odd records in the bins anymore...Go to your urban area thrift shops...I tend to see more weirdness there rather than the suburbs and rural areas, but that is not always the case...The 45's may have been a clustered mess, but the albums looked a little neater...


Now, before you decry this as easy listening garbage, there were some oddities in the racks...For instance,I picked up these three LP's...


The Harry Fields LP was interesting because I had this picture sleeve by him, also advertising Caloric ranges...


Why there were three Luther Vandross records in the stacks next to Mantovani, I'll never know...


...but I grabbed them all as I didn't have them!

I also found two sealed unopened records, but didn't buy them! Anyone know anything about The Glowfriends or Sleepyhead?


What's heartbreaking is when you find something like this...


...and it has this inside! ](*,)


I hate that! [-X

But, in the ultimate twist of irony, I found this...


I looked EVERYWHERE for the record, but I did not find it, so I placed this one inside the sleeve (Don't tell anyone, OK? 8-[ )...


It's a good song, by the way, and I am thankful for what I've got! [-o<


They're not the ONLY things I got, though...

I found some jazz...

2. NAT ADDERLY That's Nat Adderly

some pop...

3. SPANKY & OUR GANG Like To Get To Know You (It's missing the poster advertised, but a good album nonetheless!)
4. THE LOVIN' SPOONFUL You're A Big Boy Now


5. SYLVIA Snapshot


6. THIN LIZZY Jailbreak


7. INTERLOCHEN ARTS ACADEMY Beethoven Symphony No. 9 (I bought this one mainly because Interlochen is a great music academy/camp in my home state here...It's near Traverse City to the north...)

and one oddity...

8. IRWIN THE DISCO DUCK Disco Fever For All Ages

Oy vey! #-o

Silly, ain't it??? :lol:


Anyway, I bought those and went on to my second thrift store...There is a chain called Value World here and at another one of it's locations, I found my swing exerciser here...


I wanted to see what weird things I would find at this location...


So, when I got inside I looked at the electronics...When is the last time anyone saw one of these?


Can any of you guys explain what the hoopla was about the Select-A-Vision recorder? In any case, they also had an LP rack, if you can rightly call it that, as it had just as many magazines...


Anyway, I did pick up these odd ones...

1. VARIOUS ARTISTS Memories Aux Bruxelles: The Official Music Of The Brussels World's Fair
2. LORRAINE PLUM Flights Of Fantasy: Guided Imagery For Developing Imagination, Relaxation, and Self-Concept
3. ALVIN, SIMON & THEODORE W/ DAVID SEVILLE Sing Again With The Chipmunks

and one "standard" record...

4. FRANK SINATRA Come Dance With Me

It was a nice copy, and I couldn't pass up another good one, even though I do own a nice copy already...

I also found some nice 45 rpm copies of The Carpenters' "Top Of The World", Peter Paul & Mary's "I Dig Rock And Roll Music", Olivia Newton-John's "Please Mr. Please" and an RCA Victor compilation EP(w/PS) called "The Lion Store" featuring Lena Horne, The Boston Pops Orchestra and a couple of unknowns...

In any case, it was another fun day out and I can scratch two more thrift shops off the list...

Oh, and on the way back, I looked at another thrift that was more local...They did have this Garrard console...Too big for me at the moment, but someone will appreciate it, I'm sure...


Otherwise, nothing special...Next time, there are some record stores I need to search out, so stay tuned! 8)

Thoughts? Questions? Answers? Complaints? :-k

Bring 'em on, I say!! :wink:

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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by Tinkaroo » 04 Aug 2018 09:46

That looks like a fun day out vinyl master! :mrgreen:

I hope you brought some hand sanitizer along.

It's too bad that first place just hucked everything into a big bin to get pawed over, since that will probably wreck anything that wasn't already trashed. At least you managed to find some nice picture sleeves.

Those Luther Vandross albums look like a nice find, and you rescued him from sharing the bin with Montovani. Maybe you should have picked up one of his too to keep Luther company? :wink:

You found some nice stuff on your previous post too. Its always nice to find a Nat King Cole album.

It seems the RCA Selectavision VCR was the first VHS recorder produced in the US against the established competition the Sony Betamax. Eventually VHS won out due to its longer recording time even though Beta had a better picture quality. They also used the name "Selectavision" on their video disc players. I remember way back when renting a motel room where they had those players for rent in the rooms so I watched Raiders of The Lost Ark as one of the films.

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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by billshurv » 04 Aug 2018 15:44

Hey. Ted Heath was a great bandleader!

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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by vinyl master » 11 Aug 2018 01:54

Well, I had such a fun time picking through the 45's at that recent Sally Ann and since there were so many good original pressings there, I decided to go back and buy a few more singles to add to my country collection, which I haven't done in quite some time...Not necessarily my genre of choice, but my dad turned me on to it, and I thought I could buy some really nice singles and toss 'em on one of my changers for a change! I also thought I would go through that messy pile and make sure I didn't miss anything, which I did...First off, I picked out these four albums...

1. POZO SECO (w/ Don Williams) Shades Of Time


2. VARIOUS ARTISTS Music For Baby-Sitters (An odd Columbia compilation)


3. DICK HYMAN AND "THE GROUP" Sweet Sweet Soul


And by looking around really good, I DID happen to find that Carol Burnett record...A little rough, but certainly playable!


Crazy stuff, eh? :crazy:

Anyway, I also picked up some 45's, as I said, and found some goodies in the piles left...

So, I picked up some more pop and soul...

1. THE SUNSHINE COMPANY Willie Jean b/w Love Poem
2. CANDI STATON For You b/w I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart (On the Fame label, too! =D> )


3. OLIVER Good Morning Starshine b/w Can't You See (This one was always my mom's favorite!)


4. CANDI STATON A Dreamer Of A Dream b/w When You Want Love


5. CANDI STATON Love Chain b/w I'm Gonna Hold On (To What I Got This Time)


I also added to my picture sleeve collection, so I found these records!

Some classic country...

6. HOYT AXTON Boney Fingers b/w Life Machine (PS)(Hoyt's mother, Mae Axton, wrote "Heartbreak Hotel" for Elvis Presley and Hoyt himself wrote classics for artists like Steppenwolf ("Snowblind Friend", "The Pusher"), Three Dog Night ("Joy To The World", "Never Been To Spain"), The Kingston Trio ("Greenback Dollar") and more!)
7. THE BROWNS Whiffenpoof Song b/w Brighten The Corner Where You Are (PS)
8. FREDDIE HART Sure Thing (promo 45') (PS)
9. BUCK OWENS Big In Vegas (promo 45') (PS)
10. BUCK OWENS It Takes People Like You b/w You Left Her Lonely Too Long (PS)
11. DOTTIE WEST Are You Happy Baby? b/w Right Or Wrong (PS)

I am also a fan of the 80's country...In fact, some of my favorites include Alabama, Earl Thomas Conley, Eddie Rabbitt, Ronnie Milsap and Crystal Gayle, but I always had the cassette tapes and never the vinyl, so I thought I would pick up some vinyl singles to make up for that! Here are some sleeved records from the 80's I found...

12. ALABAMA Why Lady Why b/w I Wanna Come Over (PS)
13. DEBORAH ALLEN Heartache And A Half (promo 45') (PS)
13. EARL THOMAS CONLEY Angel in Disguise (promo 45') (PS)
14. CRYSTAL GAYLE 'Til I Gain Control Again b/w Easier Said Than Done (PS)
15. THE MCCARTERS The Gift b/w Loving You (PS)
16. EDDIE RABBITT Step By Step b/w My Only Wish (PS)
17. THE MARSHALL TUCKER BAND The Last Of The Singing Cowboys b/w Pass It On (PS)
18. RANDY TRAVIS Forever And Ever Amen (PS)
19. RANDY TRAVIS Honky Tonk Moon b/w Young Guns (PS)
20. RANDY TRAVIS I Told You So b/w Good Intentions (PS)
21. STEVE WARINER What I Didn't Do b/w Your Love Has Got A Hold On Me (PS)
22. STEVE WARINER You Can Dream Of Me b/w I Let A Keeper Get Away (PS)
23. DWIGHT YOAKAM Long White Cadillac b/w Little Ways (PS)
24. DWIGHT YOAKAM I Sang Dixie (PS)
25. DWIGHT YOAKAM Always Late With Your Kisses (PS)

I found some pop sleeves, too...

28. GERRY RAFFERTY Right Down The Line b/w Waiting For The Day (PS)
29. LINDA RONSTADT Back In The U.S.A. b/w White Rhythm And Blues (PS)
30. BARBRA STREISAND Left In The Dark b/w Here We Are At Last (PS)

I also added these 45's without picture sleeves...

These from the 70's and 80's...

31. ALABAMA My Home's In Alabama b/w Some Other Time, Some Other Place
32. ALABAMA Mountain Music b/w Never Be One
33. ALABAMA When We Make Love b/w Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler) (Gold Standard Series)
34. ALABAMA Mountain Music b/w Feels So Right (Gold Standard Series)
35. DEBORAH ALLEN Baby I Lied b/w Time Is Taking You Away From Me
36. JOHN ANDERSON Swingin' b/w A Honky Tonk Saturday Night
37. HOLLY DUNN There Goes My Heart Again (promo 45')
38. RONNIE MILSAP She Loves My Car (promo 45')

Check out the video for that one, featuring cameos from future "SVU" star Mariska Hargitay and Tattoo from "Fantasy Island"!


39. RONNIE MILSAP Stranger In My House (promo 45')
40. RONNIE MILSAP Lost In The Fifties Tonight b/w I Might Have Said
41. THE WAGONEERS Every Step Of The Way b/w Every Step Of The Way

I also added a few more to my Keith Whitley collection...I never owned much by him, but wanted to see what the fuss about was with him, so I found these...

42. KEITH WHITLEY Hard Livin' (promo 45')
43. KEITH WHITLEY It Ain't Nothin' (promo 45')
44. KEITH WHITLEY I Wonder Do You Think Of Me (promo 45')
45. KEITH WHITLEY & LORRIE MORGAN 'Til A Tear Becomes a Rose (promo 45')


I also found some classic country 45's in really nice condition...

46. BILL ANDERSON No One's Gonna Hurt You Anymore b/w Papa (The b-side is really a sad song!)


47. ROY CLARK Yesterday, When I Was Young b/w Just Another Man
48. BEN COLDER Amazania b/w The Rambler
49. DONNA FARGO Superman b/e Forever Is As Far As I Could Go
50. MERLE HAGGARD If We Make It Through December b/w Bobby Wants A Puppy Dog For Christmas
51. RONNIE MILSAP Pure Love (promo 45')
52. THE PO' BOYS Up And Atom b/w The White Rabbit
53. CARL SMITH Mama Bear (promo 45')
54. B.J. THOMAS Hooked On A Feeling b/w I've Been Down This Road Before

I also picked up some 70's/80's disco/dance/soul records...

55. DONNA SUMMER Cold Love (promo 45')


56. THE EMOTIONS Where Is The Love? (promo 45')


And then, there were these oddities...

57. JETHRO BURNS Dolly Parton's Sweet On Me b/w Don't Shoot The Mandolin Player


58. EDDIE DANO The Girl With The Purple Feet b/w Hold Back The Dawn
59. DON IMUS Everybody Needs Milk (Just Give Me A Bottle OF Wine) (promo 45')
60. DON IMUS Play That Country Juke Box (promo 45')

Question for the knowledgeable: Is that "Imus In The Morning" Don Imus??? :-k\

61. COUNTRY JOHNNY MATHIS Please Talk To My Heart b/w Let's Go Home

Definitely not the Johnny Mathis most of you might remember...


62. COUNTRY GAZETTE Keep On Pushin' b/w Hot Burrito Breakdown

and finally, a really weird one! :shock:

63. DON LEWIS First Country Singer On The Moon b/w Fire In The Hole


I have to blame my dad for all this, but he hooked me onto people like Hank, Willie, Waylon, Merle, Johnny, etc. In fact, George Jones ("Possum") is still one of my favorites from way back, thanks to him...Again, not normally my genre of choice, but for 50 cents a piece, I could afford to expand the country collection a little...Definitely not today's idea of country, but REAL, CLASSIC COUNTRY MUSIC!

"Three Chords And The Truth", as songwriter Harlan Howard would say! 8)

Anyway, what do you think??? I just thought it would be fun, again, to throw some of these on the ol' changer for a change! Just like a real, backwoods country jukebox! Even the oft-mentioned James Brown was a fan...He once told a reporter, "I always have loved country music ever since I was a kid and listened to the radio in Augusta...Country music really is just the white man’s blues."

True, very true! :D

In any case, there will be more finds from other genres in the future, and more shops to visit as I start investigating a bit and seeing what these local thrifts and record stores have to offer...Stay tuned! :wink:

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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by Tinkaroo » 11 Aug 2018 19:27

That looks like quite a haul of 45s vinyl master! =D>

It must have taken quite a while to go through the bins.

Yes, that is the same Don Imus who was the radio host.

If you like BJ Thomas there is a two CD set called The Complete Scepter Singles which has both the A and B sides of his singles released on the Scepter label which was also home to Dionne Warwick. It was through her work with Burt Bacharach that BJ got introduced to Burt and recorded Raindrops. His first single for Scepter was I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry which was supposed to be the B side and was only put on there as a gift to BJs father who was a big Hank Williams fan. It became a #8 hit. If you want to check out some early work of his with his group The Triumps prior to Scepter try finding his album with Billy and Sue on it.

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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by Tinkaroo » 11 Aug 2018 19:33

I wasn't able to edit my previous post but wanted to add.

Billy and Sue can be found on The Very Best of BJ Thomas on Hickory records or on a 45 on either the Hickory label or Bragg records. I've heard a couple of versions of the song with one being a bit more uptempo than the other.

Here is a song he did from a 1972 album together with Paul Williams. The album is basically a collaboration with various musicians, John Sebastian, Carole King,Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Webb, etc.. The big hit off the album was Rock and Roll Lullabye but all the songs are excellent.

That's What Friends are For


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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by vinyl master » 12 Aug 2018 05:13

Hey, Tink...I have that "Billy And Sue" 45' somewhere, so I'm gonna have to check out the tempo of the song...I'll have to look into "That's What Friends Are For", too! I'm a fan of all of his collaborators, so I'll keep my eyes open! =D>

By the way, Tink, did you ever get into his country period in the 80's? I might have a tape somewhere around here of one of his 80's albums, but I'll admit I've never listened to it yet...Know if this stuff's any good? :-k

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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by vinyl master » 12 Aug 2018 06:50

OK, so I forgot to add these assorted albums, which I also plucked from the aforementioned Sally Ann...

1. RAY STEVENS Nashville
2. SAM (THE MAN) TAYLOR Music For Melancholy Babies (I wonder if anyone ever used this album to lull their kids to sleep? :-k)
4. DELLA REESE Melancholy Baby (What is it about melancholy babies??? :?)
5. JULIAN BREAM The Woods So Wild (I was introduced to his playing of Rodrigo and Villa-Lobos via my "basement vinyl guru", the man I met off Craigslist whose basement I plucked of all his good vinyl!)
6. JULIAN BREAM Julian Bream's Greatest Hits (I will revisit this album in another thread...)
7. JUICE NEWTON Can't Wait All Night (My cousin used to play her "Greatest Hits" tape all the time! It's an oldie-but-a-goodie, right next to Dr. Hook's "Sloppy Seconds"! :wink:)
8. ANNE MURRAY Anne Murray (aka Straight, Clean & Simple) A nice album!


9. RONNIE MILSAP It Was Almost Like A Song (I love the title tune...Ronnie never fails IMO! Totally classic! 8) )


and finally, this budget comp also from Ronnie...That man can just sing a song!

10. RONNIE MILSAP Love Will Never Pass Us By


50 cents a pop does not hurt the wallet when the pressings are this nice! =D>

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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by Tinkaroo » 12 Aug 2018 08:55

BJ Thomas has done some country songs from the start of his career, including on his pop albums.If you take an early album such as BJ Thomas Sings for Lovers and Losers(1968) He does:
-I Can't help It
-I Forgot to Remember
-Cold Cold Heart
-Millers Cave

A couple of albums he did with Producer Chips Moman in the mid 70s were also quite good with lots of country as shown below. Chips and BJ worked well together.
BJ Thomas-Reunion.jpg
(89.14 KiB) Downloaded 171 times
1. (Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
2. Real Life Blues
3. Crying
4. I Finally Got It Right This Time
5. Doctor God

6. Beautiful Things For You
7. Sea Of Love
8. Maybe It's Time To Go
9. City Boys
10. Who Broke Your Heart And Made You Write That Song

BJ Thomas-Help Me Make it To My Rockin Chair.jpg
(77.81999999999999 KiB) Downloaded 169 times
Side A
-help Me Make It (To My Rockin' Chair)
-Ballyhoo Days
-What a Way Go
-Why Don't We Go Somewhere and Love
-Today I Started Lovin' You Again
Side B
-Late Late Dominos
-Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues
-We Are Happy Together
-Let It Be Me

If you are looking for a good compilation CD with a lot of country covering 1973-82 try to find BJ Thomas-More Greatest Hits on Varese Saraband. It is an excellent CD but very hard to find.They are asking silly money for it on the auction site.

This is a country compilation on the scepter label from the 70s of songs from some of his earlier albums.
BJ Thomas-Country.jpg
(48.21 KiB) Downloaded 169 times

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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by vinyl master » 12 Aug 2018 22:11

I'm going to have to look for those, Tink! If you like B.J.'s work, definitely give Ronnie Milsap's work a try...Another country/pop crossover artist who definitely deserves more listens! And there are many similarities between B.J. & Ronnie...They both started recording in the early to mid 60's...They both had country and pop success in the 70's and 80's...and they've covered many tunes from the golden era of the 50's and 60's!

Here are a few of my favorites from him...


He even gets a little funky here...


This is a really great compilation, featuring all the good ones!

https://www.discogs.com/Ronnie-Milsap-4 ... se/1898673

And if you really want to hear something, check out his first single from 1963, written by Ashford & Simpson's Valerie Simpson under the pseudonym V.J. Simmons! Even got a copy of it from my local antique shop a few years ago! 8)

It wasn't a hit, but it's not a "total disaster"... :lol:

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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by Tinkaroo » 13 Aug 2018 08:25

Thanks for the tips on Ronnie Milsap vinyl master. I will keep my eyes open for some more of his stuff! =D>

I think I have some of his records here in my archives, but was more familiar with his country crossover songs from the 70s onward. It was interesting hearing Ronnie do the early R&B type song you linked to at the end. BJ Thomas wrote that he was influenced early on by artists such as Jackie Wilson when he was young.

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vinyl addict
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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by vinyl master » 13 Aug 2018 19:19

Now, here's one for you newbies looking for deals...I recently discovered this guy. his name is Eric Callero AKA The Vinyl Geek...Let him show you the kinds of albums you can find on the cheap!

Not bad for a buck apiece! 8)

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vinyl addict
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Re: Budget record collecting

Post by vinyl master » 13 Aug 2018 19:24

Here are more of his "awesome finds"! 8)

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