Dual CS 505-3 tonearm lifter and tracking problems

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Dual CS 505-3 tonearm lifter and tracking problems

Post by squeeme » 14 Jun 2018 11:30

Hi to everybody, this is my first post. I'm Italian, so sorry for the poor english.
It's nice to be here with you all! Thanks to this forum, I've managed to get my dual cs 505-3 to work (almost) correctly.
I bought it on ebay, and was shipped with good packaging and bad choices: the counterweight was not removed, the turntable was upside down, the tonearm was outside its seat, so I had to repair myself every part.

Now I'm left with two problems, I guess.

1. the turntable skips or starts to loop towards the center of the record. I tried to change antiskating setting, nothing changed

2. cue lever is mounted correctly, according to the service manual, but I can't find a way to get the piston set right: it sticks too high or too low. Any hint on how to repair?

a question: should the antiskate knob rotate infinitely?

Thanks to all, Kind Regards


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Re: Dual CS 505-3 tonearm lifter and tracking problems

Post by Minstrel SE » 15 Jun 2018 20:25

Hi Mirko.

It could be a number of things so its all a process of study and elimination.

Its unlikely to be the antiskate when other factors are more likely to cause that problem. Set your antiskate in the conical or elliptical section at the tracking weight

The antiskate does rotate round and round.

If your turntable has been shipped it may have been damaged. first hold the arm and see if you can feel any sticking points by hand. The arm may be bent or the headshell may not be level.

The tracking weight must be set correctly with the counterwiight then the arm dial

Your cartridge may be misaligned and need a protractor setting.

The cueing damper may be set too high, sticking or failing

The tonearm wires are routed carefully and may be dislodged,routed too short and be interfering with arm movement

It could be the arm bearings if its been damaged in shipping or the bearings have been knocked

A bar may be sticking underneath when you look underneath it can appear quite complex but it all becomes clear with study. It has an auto lift mechanism which may be jammed so the tonearm reaches a certain point and then skips constantly

Unfortunately its not easy to advise you but when you study and become very familiar with the turntable the problem will become obvious.

The Dual 505 is normally very reliable so something fairly obvious will be causing the needle to jump out of the groove at that point. You start with the basics and build up a full picture

The elephant in the room is you dont know what a previous owner may have done or the real reason its been sold. Therefore you have to check everything over very carefully

All the best with it

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