Advice needed!- VMS 20E Mk II replacement

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Advice needed!- VMS 20E Mk II replacement

Post by narkai » 12 Feb 2015 17:31

Is there any way I can get a replacement for this without spending over the odds??! Thanks in advance..!

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Re: Advice needed!- VMS 20E Mk II replacement

Post by jives11 » 12 Feb 2015 18:17

Greetings Narkai

I have always had good service from William Thakker in Germany. As well as old stock replacements they have new JICO replacements for a good price. ... us/a-5447/

My father had that cartridge in his SME/Thorens TD160. Lovely sound

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Re: Advice needed!- VMS 20E Mk II replacement

Post by muovimies » 12 Feb 2015 19:37

To be honest I wouldn't recommend a Jico replacement on this cart, I have one and I don't like it much. The voicing is just somehow a bit off and it looses what makes these such great sounding cartridges. Tracking isn't particularly impressive either, though not hopeless.

If possible, look for genuine Ortofon styli, I think they still offer a VMS3E or something from the FF-series through their website, that's really a downgrade on the original, but probably better than the aftermarkets (I hope), but I haven't heard them. I do have another aftermarket stylus that just has "E" on the front, not sure who made it, I got it second hand but it's actually better than the Jico and more honest to the original.


Re: Advice needed!- VMS 20E Mk II replacement

Post by Guest » 12 Feb 2015 20:25

The VMS3E is the only VMS stylus still widely available but it has much lower compliance than the VMS20E so, depending on the effective arm mass, may not be well suited - if the arm is low-mass, the 3E won't be a great match.

An alternative genuine Ortofon stylus with similar high compliance to the VMS20E (although a higher tracking force of 1.75g) is this F15E MkII: ... us/a-6181/

This has the universal H/hour-glass shaped plug, so should fit the VMS body - in fact, I've actually used this stylus in a VMS20E MkII body and it is a very nice stylus.

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Re: Advice needed!- VMS 20E Mk II replacement

Post by analogaudio » 12 Feb 2015 23:26

Although Ortofon no longer make this stylus this website claims to have NOS of the original, you can see the price, it is worth it.

A cheap replacement stylus is not always a good idea, the performance of the original is the quality we want, the stylus quality is important.

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Re: Advice needed!- VMS 20E Mk II replacement

Post by lini » 13 Feb 2015 00:36

Ted: Ortofon has indeed discontinued the D20EII, but not too long ago. And iirc they've announed it in advance in their newsletter, so I'd expect that quite a few of the well-known dealers made use of the opportunity to stock up on these once again.

narkai: Do keep in mind that the D20EII not only buys you better playback quality, but also extended needle lifetime due to the higher quality and better polished diamond - and thus also less record wear. So a cheaper alternative often enough wouldn't save you much in the long run...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini

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Re: Advice needed!- VMS 20E Mk II replacement

Post by Brendonla » 10 Oct 2016 20:12

Thanks to the poster for the tip on - just ordered a replacement VMS20E MKII stylus from them! Excited! I'm using one on a Technics SL 3200 and they sound great mated with that turntable.

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Re: Advice needed!- VMS 20E Mk II replacement

Post by jfrace » 21 Oct 2016 02:53

I actually purchased the D30 Jico stylus and have had no issues with it at all. It was slightly better on the high end to my ears.The original stylus on the site aren't badly priced at all. If you don't do the original, try the Jico.

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Re: Advice needed!- VMS 20E Mk II replacement

Post by chartz » 21 May 2018 10:40


So after reading this, and other threads, I bought the Jico replacement, but...

After a few records - 1.2 gr pressure, the cantilever collapsed (it now rides very low) and bent to the right. Upon microscope inspection, the stylus quality seems very dubious indeed. The fit is very approximate as well.

I thought the community should know, although the price is very low and as such the risk is low too!

I nonetheless sent an email to William Thakker with these pictures. And yes the stylus is fully pushed against the body!
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