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Merrill Replica ES-R1 in the house

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Merrill Replica ES-R1 in the house

Postby mike_p » 15 Apr 2013 02:31

Just put a Bottlehead Seduction together, tested it and assembled the ES-R1. Prior to any burn-in of the phono-pre or the tonearm cable, it's making beautiful music :) with an Audio Technica AT7V on a Jelco 750D and a hot-rodded Jelco phono cable.

Sensitive to footfalls, but that's my floor and rack. Guess my next purchase will be a wall shelf.

Waltz for Debby has rich mids, good attack on percussion, quiet background, good to very good soundstage, the double bass is a little weak but still has some wood and as it plays, I'm hearing more of Scott LaFaros' fingering, Bill Evan's piano sounds like its in the room with me. Yeah, baby!
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