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What Turntable do you use?

snap, crackle and pop

Postby DJO » 19 Jun 2011 14:21

Interesting Matt Johnson quote.
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Postby f1eng » 20 Jun 2011 02:21

I have a Goldmund Reference with T3f arm, Ortofon Jubilee. Also a Roksan Xerxes with Rega RB300 and Ortofon MC20 (I think, the label fell off)
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Postby Officerpup » 05 Jul 2011 18:27

Mine's a Michell Focus One with ADC ALT-1 arm and Ortofon Super OM-10 cartridge.

Had the deck and arm from new in around 1984, while the cartridge is probably half that old.

I've been considering a new arm/cartridge - can't bring myself to replace the turntable, being a sentimental old sod!
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My Project Tt

Postby RussP » 11 Jul 2011 15:40

After being without a turntable for about 15 years, since I still had about 50 LPs I figured I'd build something... So... ebay Rek o Kut K-33H plus Jelco SA-250ST plus Amazon Shure M97xE mixed with some Honduran and Bolivian Rosewood, here are the results. I'm very happy with this setup for a first step back into vinyl.


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Postby tapajeurs » 12 Jul 2011 15:27

JosefK wrote:A week ago, and after a wait of more than 2 months, I finally got a Rega P5! Here's a couple of pictures:

What is the purpuss, of the second arm thing?
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Postby Kei-86 » 12 Jul 2011 21:32

Looks like a cleaning arm. I've got one on my Thorens TD160B.
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My Tt

Postby KizWould » 15 Jul 2011 13:26

Wow, I have just been through 33 pages of stereo p**n.

There is some beautiful gear on here.

This is a shot of my Kenwood KP-2022A. I am running an audiotechnica AT93 cart, factory tonearm.

I love my Kenwood gear and think this TT looks right at home with my collection of equip from a very similar era;
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Postby george37 » 16 Jul 2011 02:55

Hello everyone
My gear,
Music Master (Suzuki Denki manufactured 1955) homemade plinth
Lenco L75 homemade junk JVC turntable arm
Bang Olufsen Beogram 1100
Pioneer PL-950
Sony PS-333
Sony PS-55X
Yamaha P-350
Shure HiTrack
Technics 270C

Best regards
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Postby bubba45 » 16 Jul 2011 23:28

My tables in current use are:

Main table - Sony PS 2250 / Jelco 370H / Denon DL304.
Sounds great. Really does.

An eBay purchase, it came with original plinth and arm, plus this Russ Collinson plinth.

The original arm is a Sony PUA-114 and will be mounted on my Technics SP10 when I've finished bulking up its plinth

The SP10 is in pieces at the moment but the other table I'm using is a Denon DP60L. Bought as spares or repair as it has a
little cosmetic damage. I'm making a new stand for a tonearm rest as the original snapped off. Still works absolutely spot on though. Perfectly infact.

Lastly is a Mk5 Technics SL1210 / Jelco (LAD) 370D / Audio Technica ATF3

Great combination to be honest, but lives in my bedroom.
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Postby ighten » 12 Sep 2011 11:04

The baby system in the study will now have to be the main system until the house move is complete.
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Re: What Turntable do you use?

Postby duficity » 03 Oct 2011 18:46

Sota Cosmos Series IV, Transrotor Fat Bob, Oracle Delphi's Mark IV and V, Empire 208, Sony TTS3000, Oracle Alexandria, Sota Star x2, Sony 2251
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Re: What Turntable do you use?

Postby Zebbo » 04 Oct 2011 13:09

This is where I'm at now and can't see anything changing in the foreseeable. :D
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Re: What Turntable do you use?

Postby fredysilva » 20 Oct 2011 11:23

Rega P3/24 + TTPSU + Technics EPS 270C with SAS Jico Stylus
2 Power Mono Vincent SP996
Pré de Phono Cambridge 640P
Pré Rotel RSP 966
Speakers KEF C75
Tuner Pioneer TX 7800
Deck K7 Teac 5010
CD Pioneer PDR 555RW
Cables IXOS e QED

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Re: What Turntable do you use?

Postby josephazannieri » 20 Oct 2011 13:02

Yo spinners and JaS:

Primary turntables are Thorens TD150 with Linn Basik LVX and Shure V-15-VMR (Ed Saunders stylus), and Garrard 301 with 2 arms, a Grace G707 with Shure V-15 IV and 2 styli, and a Thorens TP13A (from the TD150) that has a Shure M44 with 2 styli.

In addition, but not used as much, Lenco L75 with Realistic R25XT and 3X stylus, and Dual 1237 with Empire 1000AE/V.

And good luck from the old record spinner,

Joe Z.
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Re: What Turntable do you use?

Postby youngdand » 22 Oct 2011 12:47

Running an Ariston RD11s With a syrinx PU2 are and AT31e cart, although also have AT32 but no screws long enough nor the inclination to change it at the moment. running through a NAD PP2 phone pre with uprated 1.5amp PSU in to my Yarland FV34c III EL84 valve amp.

Does me for the time being, would like a valve phono stage next and a nice quality step up transformer.
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