Denon “plastic” paint help

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Denon “plastic” paint help

Post by Rauletee » 29 Jan 2020 04:04


I wanna make up my dp-57L cause little paint damage close to frontal switches.
I was thinking in any spray paint...
anyone can help me...

Kind of paint , color/tone...
i see tow kind of grey in plastics frontal is darknes and metalic . Laterals are soft grey...
But I don’t wanna damage my turntable.
Thanks for ur support

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Re: Denon “plastic” paint help

Post by johnbhm » 29 Jan 2020 04:46

I don't know if correct colors would be available to match the Denon but the B&O turntable I just received was shipped with the platter loose and it bent and broke off part of the cover, I dipped it in boiling water to get it flat again but it turned it from white to grey. after reattaching and reinforcing the broken tab I sprayed it with Tamiya semi-gloss black. After it dried it was a near perfect match to the original molded plastic finish.

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Re: Denon “plastic” paint help

Post by AsOriginallyRecorded » 29 Jan 2020 08:09

I assume you have some experience using spray paint? Matte paints are recommended over glossy, and either something like the Tamiya mentioned (made for painting plastic models and such) or a somewhat similar product such as Krylon (used for repainting plastic furniture) would seem suitable for this. Complete masking off of all areas and surfaces you don't want paint on is very important, since the paint will travel amazing distances unless applied with an air brush. Obviously, provide good ventilation and some air flow in your paint area. Many light coats are better than heavy coats, to prevent runs and sags. These are suggestions based on my experience....I give no guarantees or endorsements for success. Spray at your own risk! Good luck with this. [-o<

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