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Denon DJ VL12 Prime turntable

Posted: 13 May 2019 18:20
by Arthur_77

I just got this turntable about a week ago, basically i'm a beginner to Denon turntables; I'm here because i really want to learn from you guys. I want to tell you i will use this turntable at home only.

Also,i would like to hear any recommendation about what is the best stylus i can get for this great turntable?

Actually, i like to play Classic rock, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's records, perhaps this info can help to find out what stylus is the best to get a really great sound for these music genres.

In addition, it will be very appreciated if you can shoot any tip about how can i get the best results with my VL12


Arthur S.

Re: Denon DJ VL12 Prime turntable

Posted: 01 Jun 2019 15:34
by PseudoShooter

I'm using a Ortofon 2M Blue with mine and I love the sound. I'm also using a Parks Audio Budgie tube preamp.

Here is another thread about this TT: ... 98&t=97400

Re: Denon DJ VL12 Prime turntable

Posted: 01 Jun 2019 17:49
by Les_Creative_Edge

I have been running a VL12 for a year now. I am using a Denon DL-110 high output moving coil cartridge. All running through my Cambridge Audio 640p phono pre amp and I am enjoying the sound. The VL12 runs ROCK STEADY with its large quartz locked direct drive motor. I enjoy its rather rugged looking styling too.

It is a turntable that does not require much to get right. Just use a good cartridge set up guide, make sure you level the plinth, achieve proper tracking force and set up anti skate and it's good to go.

I've had numerous quality turntables over the years but I do like the INSTANT START UP and STOP of a solid direct drive.
Yes, if I had the cash I'd have liked to get one of the new Technics SL-1200GR or G models but IMO the VL12 is not a major difference to those.

Re: Denon DJ VL12 Prime turntable

Posted: 01 Jun 2019 17:55
by Les_Creative_Edge
Oh one caveat fund on mine. I found it was lacking sufficient tone arm cuing damping. The tonearm cue'd down too fast almost dropping onto the LP. Buying off an Ebayer a syringe full (A LIFETIME SUPPLY :-) ) of 3000ct. silicone damping fluid and a quick 2 or so minutes of unsckrewing the plastic cuing arm to allow me to put a dollop of silicone (NOT MUCH WAS NEEDED AS IT CAN THEN MAKE THE ARM CUE TOO SLOWLY!) screw the cuing arm back in and tweaking the cuing height and TA DA problem solved. My tonearm cues nice, gentle and slow now.

Re: Denon DJ VL12 Prime turntable

Posted: 02 Jun 2019 04:02
by PseudoShooter
Hey Les!

I remember reading that you had that problem so I was worried that mine may experience the same. I'm happy to report that my arm (so far) is well damped at this point.

I do have a very slight motor hum however but I won't be concerned until that changes. I still have a number of months to go on the warranty...

Re: Denon DJ VL12 Prime turntable

Posted: 27 Dec 2019 12:42
by rwhing
My Denon DJ VL12 Prime turntable is very quiet. I wonder if some shielding or a connection to ground in the chassis might not be properly connected.

I upgraded my phono cables to the Zu Audio Mission phono cable with the ground lead.

I also upgraded the power cable, although that is probably overkill. has a great hospital grade IEC power cable for less than $11 that beats many high end power cables. It has the clear plastic connectors and gray jacket. ... b_ap_share

You can always upgrade the cartridge as your budget allows. Just use a good tracking force gauge, alignment protractor and use the Vertical Tracking Angle adjustment collar at the tonearm base to properly set VTA. I do this by what sounds right to my ear. Once set, make sure the locking lever is good and tight. For anti-skate, use a good test LP. The dial on the tonearm is not calibrated very well. Once everything is set up, your Denon DJ turntable will sound incredible.

Re: Denon DJ VL12 Prime turntable

Posted: 04 Jan 2020 22:48
by PseudoShooter
My motor hum hasn't changed in pitch or volume and it's almost imperceptible anyway.

It's could just be me over-reacting to other posts I read about VL12 hum and just simply the motor performing normally.

I'm still very much in love with this TT and I'm very happy I chose to take the plunge.