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Denon DP-15F Platter Scraping

Posted: 22 Feb 2019 08:24
by sador42
How to fix a platter that is scraping?

1. I have changed the orientation of the plattr on the spindle and can get it to scrape less sometimes but it still scrapes.
2. I have confirmed the table is level and have tried different levels of the legs and sometimes it helps reduce the scraping but I still get scraping.
3. The spindle is not crooked from what I can tell by eyeballing it.
4. The platter is not crooked.

I have read in other posts that a washer might help but I am not sure what size I need and where I can place it. Just over the spindle in between it and the platter? Or inside the spindle?

Maybe someone else resolved this issue with an easy fix?

Re: Denon DP-15F Platter Scraping

Posted: 02 Mar 2019 16:54
by melam
I have a similar issue with my DP-61F. I just purchased a few 3/8 inch nylon washers, they fit snug on the spindle. I had to use two and it seems to have correct my issue.