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denon dp300f cartridges

Posted: 15 Feb 2019 22:28
by klipper
hi all! can someone please tell me what cartidges, along the line of a sumiko pearl(price and quality)for instance will fit this turntable? also, since this table has a build in phono preamp , what else is needed to make this a functioning record player? thanks any and all for the assis :D tance. bill

Re: denon dp300f cartridges

Posted: 15 Feb 2019 23:17
by lenjack
Is this new? If so, are you aware that new ones come with a cartridge installed and ready to go? You'll need a receiver, or an amplifier, and speakers.

Re: denon dp300f cartridges

Posted: 15 Feb 2019 23:32
by klipper
yes, i`m aware, i would like a better quality cartridge, maybe!i stated that it had a phono preamp and of course it would need speakers! thank you, bill

Re: denon dp300f cartridges

Posted: 15 Feb 2019 23:38
by raphaelmabo
Yes, the Sumiko Pearl will fit the turntable. Pearl is a good choice if you want a smooth sound on the warm side, I've had it myself. Very enjoyable. Also look out for the new Sumiko Rainer, it's above the Pearl and offers more dynamics. Other alternatives includes the Nagaoka MP110, Grado Silver2 or Gold 2, Goldring E3... among others.

I believe the DP300F comes with an Audio-Technica AT3600 re-branded as a Denon?

Now, yes you have a built-in pre-amp. To connect to speakers you either need active speakers ( = speakers with built-in power amplifiers) or an amplifier.

The phono pre-amp is for adjusting the RIAA-curve for vinyl records and to pre-amplify the signal from the cartridge to line level so it can be feed to an amplifier - an integrated amplifier (pre- and power amplifier in the same chassi) or separate pre or power amplifiers. Or, speakers with built in power amplifiers.

The built-in phono pre-amp doesn't have a volume control, so that's why you can't connect it directly to a power amp. Power amp's does not usually comes with a volume control, it's the pre-amp that controls the volume and selects between different sources.

There are speakers with built in amplifiers, but you have a wider selection if you go for separate amplifiers and speakers.
But, for example, Triangle Elara LN01A is a good active speaker, it even has a built in phono-pre (but you don't need that since you already have a phono-pre in the Denon).

Re: denon dp300f cartridges

Posted: 16 Feb 2019 01:07
by lenjack
The AT3600 cartridge is AT's bottom of the line, so obviously, yes, you can do substantially better.

Re: denon dp300f cartridges

Posted: 22 Sep 2019 11:53
by oskuk
Yes, AT has raised prices all too little. So you can spend more, and buy a bottom line Nagaoka. That is much better because of 3x rised price. ? ;-)