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Re: Denon DP 59L

Posted: 04 Mar 2019 10:10
by Licorice_Pizza

Ah.. but now you toy with me.
It would be my first choice by far to have a "reputable tech" as you call it to handle this. Not only would it be my choice I would gladly pay to have my turntable serviced. However we have none on this small, slightly inhabited, island where I currently reside - sitting along side my nearly showroom condition Denon DP 59L. So as such I am left having to do this my self on my own. Which is why I have reached out on this forum to find anyone that would be willing to direct me to source material relating to this fix. Alas, I see that there are none that would offer such advice or direction without offering only ridicule in its stead. As you mentioned "It takes much more than willingness and a hot soldering iron", I am hopeful as I do have willingness and a hot soldering iron and more importantly the intelligence to learn the parts that are missing in this equation. All I asked for was for members on this Forum to offer resource material or "how to videos" , perhaps a schematic of the circut board along with some notes on the possible culprit capacitors that would need changing. I will not be needing an oscilloscope as am not testing each and every cap to see which are the bad caps, rather I will just replace each and every capacitor as this is a 35 year old TT.

Re: Denon DP 59L

Posted: 04 Mar 2019 11:46
by Legrace
While I've recapped a table before plus doing other restoration repairs this particular model is at a complexity level I personally would never attempt myself. Some things are better left to a professional having specialized gear.

Having said that if you are still determined to proceed on your own, when it comes to caps, normal practice is to replace all electrolytic type. The service manual provides a listing of caps broken out according to both type and value. It is available for download from the Library. I like Mouser for cap replacements, they carry a huge inventory.

Re: Denon DP 59L

Posted: 04 Mar 2019 11:57
by sivagriva
Hi Licorice_Pizza,

Service manual with schematics and parts lists is available here, on Database:

On this and this sites you can find some useful informations and pictures about repairing Denon turntables, although, Im afraid, there is not your exact model....pages are in japanese, but my macbook translates them automatically. Good luck with repair...

Re: Denon DP 59L

Posted: 04 Mar 2019 12:13
by Licorice_Pizza
Thank you Legrace and Sivagriva. This is a start.

Re: Denon DP 59L

Posted: 04 Mar 2019 17:03
by Spinner45
What people don't seem to understand is, merely replacing parts with new ones is only part of the game.
Once parts are replaced, it requires proper re-calibration procedures, because of the differences in capacity from the original part, even if that original part is still good.
Op amp circuits, voltage balances, bias adjustments, all change, if even slightly, afterwords.
And the only way to bring the electronics back into "spec" is with the proper test equipment.
This goes for anything electronics, amps, tuners, whatever.

It's the same as replacing the front suspension of an automobile - even after the job is done, a complete "re-alignment" has to be performed if the tires and steering are to last.

You can downplay the issue all you want, (aka "it's not rocket science") but that doesn't change the facts.