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DP-37F vs DP 61F?

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DP-37F vs DP 61F?

Postby deabdome » 13 Jul 2018 16:35

Getting back into vinyl; my old ADS 1600 still works, but it's too cheap looking to go in my living room. I'm checking CL and estates sales for a while for Thorens & Linn mostly, but those two Denons look nice, are both in great condition & have gotten pretty dam good reviews here & elsewhere.
I saw something about how the higher model # for the 61F USUALLY means it's 'better' than the 37F, but is that a fair assessment? Are the arms equally good? What are there important differences in specs & performance?.
The asking prices $450 for the 37F & $600 for the 61F (but I plan on bargaining deeply on each offer.
Thanks for any Help you can provide!!

update; VERY nice DP-30Lii table available too, so throw that one in the mix for this "better/best/how do they differ?" questioning.. BTW, kinda frustrating that I can't correct the spelling of my Username...I'll have to look like the idiot I am forever here!!

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Re: DP-37F vs DP 61F?

Postby EdAInWestOC » 16 Jul 2018 17:48

I am a long time Denon user. I have owned my DP-62L since I bought it new in 1983. What I am about to say comes from someone who loves Denon turntables.

Be careful about buying vintage Denon turntables. Denon turntables are based on sophisticated electronics and those electronics have components that do not age very well.

Other turntables that are based on synchronous motors and that have simple drive systems don't have the things that can go wrong on a Denon. In their day Denon turntables were very good but that day has passed.

If you insist on buying a Denon turntable be aware that you will have to have the electronics recapped (all electrolytic capacitors replaced), have the main bearing cleaned and relubed (minimally) and the bearings in the tonearm will need to be checked.

If the main bearing is not just old and dried out, you may have to have the main bearing reworked, including machining the metal parts so they work as intended. If the bearings in the tonearm are shot you may have to replace the tonearm.

All the warnings above are not something to take lightly. I took very good care of my 62L and still it required the recapping (all will require this step) and I had to have the main bearing reworked.

I replaced the stock Denon tonearm with a hot-rodded Rega RB300 because I wanted better performance but the stock tonearm's bearing were fine in my 62L.

If I were you I would avoid a vintage Denon unless you know what you are getting into.

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Re: DP-37F vs DP 61F?

Postby Spinner45 » 16 Jul 2018 18:40

Increasing model numbers do not always relate to being "better"
Discussions and reviews of Denons have stated that a DP-51L has been chosen over a DP-61L model for several reasons.

This also applies to other brands as well, newer, more expensive, is not always better.
Yet you are led to believe that because the manufacturer "says so" - and of course they'll say that - to sell their products.
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