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DP-7F platter stops just short of end!

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DP-7F platter stops just short of end!

Postby turtle+42 » 03 Jul 2018 15:37

I bought this table on Craig's list and it played great, but some functions were not right. The platter started spinning when power was switched on and it would not return at the end of play. After reading some helpful posts here, I replaced the 3 CDS units on the arm control board. All was right with the world.. then the platter began to stop spinning just before the end of the record, leaving the stylus stranded on the record. I suppose I need to replace one or more of the CDS photo-resistors that I recently installed. I could have gotten one too hot when soldering? Or is it possibly something else? I have plenty of them left over, as I had to buy a whole lot of them...
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