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Denon dp-1200 Cue Damper issue

Posted: 10 May 2018 14:43
by On_a_budget
Hello Everyone,

New to the forum here. I just recently purchased a Denon dp-1200 that's well used and it seems to run fine other than the speed being a little inconsistent and the cue not working quite right.

I plan on simply cleaning the contacts on the turntable for the speed issue and I think I can get that operating correctly. The damper on the other hand is working oddly. I had to reset the position because it settled far too low due to sitting so long. But now that I have it in the right area, the damper will fall at the correct speed and in the right range with NO pressure applied. But with the weight of the tonearm on the damper it doesn't drop a millimeter. This is bizarre to me since I think the weight would only help it fall. Anyone know what the reason for this would be?

Thank you,