Denon DP 62L

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Denon DP 62L

Post by cypert2 » 28 Dec 2017 14:47

I just bought a DP 62L off eBay. Took a pretty big flyer on it. Was sold by the Salvation Army (probably not tt experts) and was described as "working." Anyway, got it in and it works beautifully and sounds absolutely fantastic. I could not be happier with it. Is there any preventative maintenance that should be done? I read a lot on here that the capacitors should be recapped or they could fail and ruin tt. I know absolutely nothing about electronics. If this, or anything else, needs to be done is there anyone that is recommended that I can ship it to for repairs? New guy here and really enjoy the forum. Thanks.

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Re: Denon DP 62L

Post by dieseldude » 04 Feb 2018 04:36


Congrats on the score. Remarkably I just had at mine eariler today. First thing on the list should be to clean and lube the bearing assembly. Which equates to disassembling it and carefully cleaning it 100% out. And then relubing with a few drops of high grade synthetic oil. This is of upmost importance. Like IMHO 100x the importance of replacing the caps. Which is also needed but Denon used good parts to begin with. Should the bearing become noisy from wear caused by dried up lube. Then the deck is toast without a replacement bearing. Regardless of the state of whatever the caps happen to be in. So I would consider removing it from service until this is done. It is really not a very difficult job to perform.. If only requires cutting one cable tie and unplugging the motor. Then removing four screws to extract the assembly. Then another 4 screws to remove the plate holding the assembly together. Once the plate is removed the spindle lifts out. Exposing what I believe is a 4mm hardened ball bearing. Plus a drop in lower hardened backstop insert. Both of which you have to be certain not to loose during the process. Providing the assembly is not worn out your in luck. In my case the ball bearing checked out to be 3.983mm. And after comparing background noise with a medical stehoscope. She went from just a slight bearing noise before to now being dead quiet. Visually the only noticable wear was superficial running up the bearing sleeve sides. In this case the existing lube was 90+% dried up. But showed no color change from contamination. I'm in the process of putting a cap and other parts order together. And I plan to evaluate the existing caps upon removal. But I've been at this now for many years. And I can pretty much tell you just by a visual inspection. That all of the caps are still within design tolerance. But this particular unit has a known history of low usage hours. Do yourself a big favor and address the bearing asap. Even before the recap. And check out the existing threads posted in the past. Folks here like Ed have covered many important issues. Which will provide invaluable assistance along the way during the process. So by all means check it all out prior to popping the hood and diving in. Let us know how it all works out. Best, DD

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Re: Denon DP 62L

Post by mythrenegade » 05 Feb 2018 15:27

That sounds really intimidating... where are you located? There are shops around the country that repair vintage audio and will do this for you.

As for the caps this is all the rage on Internet forums. It is WAY overstated how often this is necessary. I am using a Denon amp that I purchased new in 1990. It has been in pretty continuous use for 28 years, sounds great and has had no maintenance.

Lubing a turntable is important though. Look at the manual for your 62L and follow the instructions if the post above seems like way too much work and you don’t hav someone locally who can do it for you.


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Re: Denon DP 62L

Post by EdAInWestOC » 06 Feb 2018 16:00

The Denon DP-62L was manufactured back in or around 1982. That makes the turntable 36 years old and I guarantee those electrolytic caps are out of spec. If you want a reliable turntable, without any issues, you want to totally recap the turntable.

Forget any half efforts or looking for caps that measure terribly, replace them all. What it costs to get into the turntable's electronics and replace any component argues that once you have someone in there, just go ahead and replace them all.

My DP-62L, which is currently in storage, was well kept but started to have trouble with the Lock light flickering on/off. It was the caps being out of spec that were the culprit and I could have tried to identify which cap caused the problem. I thought that was pretty stupid since once one cap goes bad that means others are bound to be bad or going to be bad soon.

Once in there, I replaced them all and had no further problems with anything in the turntable. I also had the main bearing replaced with a jewel/ceramic main bearing. The original main bearing made a thumping noise at 33RPM and that was caused by a worn thrust plate, ball and metal parts. Whoever does you main bearing, please make sure they have the ability to check out all parts of the bearing. They also should resurface all metal parts of the bearing if you want it to be the best it can be.

The main bearing is more than just the ball and thrust plate. Once those begin to wear, it is likely that the metal parts of the bearing have also worn. Replacing just the ball and/or thrust plate alone asks for early part failure. It may not happen but if you want to have a turntable for 20 years, these are the things you need to do to ensure it is like new.

My 62L is much better than a stock table but it costs money and time. If you really like the turntable, you should at least consider these steps.

Good Luck,

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Re: Denon DP 62L

Post by jmchrislip » 10 Feb 2018 17:35

Sorry I'm late to this post. I have a DP-62L, I had it recapped a few years ago by a tech named Brett at Hi-Fi Heaven in Falls Church, VA. Here's the information:

HiFi Heaven
(703) 932-482​​ | 115 Park Ave., Falls Church VA 22046

He did a wonderful job. He also recapped my Kenwood C1 preamp.

The DP-62L is a beautiful table and should be recapped so you can enjoy it for years to come.

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