Denon DP1200: lookin' for some maintenance tips

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Denon DP1200: lookin' for some maintenance tips

Post by daniele_g » 24 Dec 2019 14:47

I would like to give my DP1200 some light maintenance as a XMas present, and I need to know how should I do what I want to do.
Let's see where I would like to take action.

- speed: it runs a little bit too fast, though nothing 'dramatic'; the RPM smartphone app measures a stable 33.36rpm and the strobo moves less than 2 dots in a minute (the manual says it's OK up to 5 dots/minute at 50Hz net frequency). so I could keep it as it is, but I noticed the pitch contoller is very 'touchy' (I think that's the word, not sure), i.e. speed adjustment is not gradual at all: as I touch the pitch, speed gets much higher or lower and gettin' it back to an acceptable value is difficult (that's why I don't touch it anymore). some say "deoxing" the pitch would solve the problem, but -here we go with the first question- how should I do it ? what product ? how to use it with nor risk for, e.g., the "silver" cover of the motor unit ? etcetera

- the magnetic band that the TT uses to check for speed looks integer and uniform, so I won't touch it; but how to clean the magnetic head that "reads" that band ?

- the "window" through which I look at the strobo is opaque (don't know if it's the plastic window itself or the mirror below): are spare parts -original or not- available ? I know they are for even older TT's (my brother just changed it on a Thorens TD124), but don't know about Denon

- should I lubricate some parts ?

- any other recommendations ?

thanks, ciao

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Re: Denon DP1200: lookin' for some maintenance tips

Post by jmcwha » 30 Dec 2019 08:04

I have no experience with a DP1200, but did have pitch control issues with a my daughter's direct drive Rotel turntable. Deoxit is a brand name for a contact cleaner, and should help with your pitch control issues. I would recommend partially dismantling your turntable so you can spray it right into the potentiometer, then work it back and forth. You should be able to find some Youtube videos on using it. Look for other maintenence videos while you are at it.
Unlike Technics turntables, the bearing on a Denon can't be easily lubricated.
I guessing you are not looking at doing major maintenence like replacing capacitors, etc

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Re: Denon DP1200: lookin' for some maintenance tips

Post by Bodyslam » 07 Jan 2020 07:46

That sounds like the exact problem I was having with my 1200. I used a good zero-residue contact cleaner on the speed control (and the other pot in the speed control circuit, located on the main circuit board) and now it's rock solid, and no longer touchy. I had the bottom off so I could get to the main board, and I dismounted the speed control in order to find the opening in the pot, then spritzed the cleaner right in there. Exercised the pot & spritzed it again, repeated a couple of times, did the same with the other pot, and buttoned it back up.

Good luck with yours.

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