Replacement motor for Sony PS-LX55?

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Replacement motor for Sony PS-LX55?

Post by aminobeano » 22 Oct 2017 00:09

I found one of these in my grandpa's attic, it's really cool, sweet 80's aesthetic. I've heard linear tone arms are cool and I've been wanting to try one.

Anyways, the tone arm wouldn't move when I would power it on so I took it apart. The motor which powered the tone arm made noise when power was given to it, but it wouldn't move at all. I tried turning the rod in it but it felt like it was stuck shut. Anyone know if there is a replacement motor that I could find and put in it?

The user manual here says the part# is 154121800. It's a linear torque BSL motor. I tried looking on encompass for a replacement but they no longer sell it, anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

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Re: Replacement motor for Sony PS-LX55?

Post by fscl » 30 Aug 2019 01:40

Remove the 2 screws securing the motor from the tonearm drive frame. Oil the shaft with some light machine oil and hand turn / loosen the motor pulley carefully. When able to fully rotate free the motor leads from the connector and use a 9V battery to power the motor in both directions.

The drive systems is similar, here are some additional troubleshooting tips: ... 18&t=83074

Good luck, HTH and welcome to VE..... :) If your grandpa has a nice P-Mount cartridge mounted, this turntable should sound very nice.


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