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Inquiry about Sony's P-mount Biotracers

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Inquiry about Sony's P-mount Biotracers

Postby By-Tor » 28 Sep 2017 06:28

I've been trying to find out a list of model numbers of all of Sony's p-mount biotracers that many have been referring to.

However, from what i have seen so far, the only Biotracer marked p-mount table i have seen is the PS-FL77; Out of the large number of other front loading tables, including the PS-FL5, PS-FL7, PS-FL990, PS-FL770, and their very similar brethren PS-LX500, PS-LX520, PS-LX55II, PS-V9900 etc. Is there any other models with a true Biotracer arm?

I'm guessing these other arms use some kind of servo motors but how well do they dampen resonant frequencies if at all?
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Re: Inquiry about Sony's P-mount Biotracers

Postby Lazarus Short » 03 Oct 2017 16:53

You must be careful with Sony's T4P linear-trackers, as most of them are NOT Bio-Tracers. Only a couple of models are Bio-Tracers, and unless it says so on the plinth, it is not. I was fooled myself, once, but am happy with my non-biotracer
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