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What's the procedure for removing the Sony PS4300 tonearm?

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What's the procedure for removing the Sony PS4300 tonearm?

Postby Bohuweno » 24 Sep 2017 07:30

Is anyone familiar with how to do this? I'm following the service manual, and I've desoldered the six lead wires (four signal and two earth wires) attached to the phono circuit board. I removed the two setscrews holding the arm in the anti skating force lever, and on the upper side of the turntable, the three screws specified as TA P3x10 which hold down the tonearm base.

I thought this was all I needed to do to start gently pulling out the tonearm, but it definitely feels as if something's holding on to it. It isn't the lead wires snagging on anything, they're free to move. There's something much more solid, and no amount of working it has released it yet. I don't know if I'm supposed to remove some parts or all of the motor base assembly; I had assumed that wasn't necessary.

The only other thing I can see is one more setscrew going through a transparent plastic "collar" that goes onto the vertical shaft of the tonearm and into the centre of the anti-skating force lever. This seems to be smaller than the other two setscrews I removed, and I need to acquire the wrench for dealing with that, if it does need to be removed.

Any suggestions gratefully received!
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