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Sony PS-X4 Clicking sound (Mechanical)

Posted: 21 Oct 2016 22:25
by Kettled
Hello there, I have recently dusted down my Sony PS-X4 which i have owned form new but not played for 15 years. It plays great but when the tone arm retracts (having completed a full disc) I hear a clicking/knocking sound from the unit. On inspection it seem that the mechanism which tracks and manages the resetting of the tonearm is out of calibration and the white plastic cog on the DD motor is clicking. I would be keen to have this unit serviced (in Ireland) and would welcome and suggestions or guidance. My thanks in advance.

Re: Sony PS-X4 Clicking sound (Mechanical)

Posted: 20 Jul 2017 07:40
by el duder
Bit late here, but my PS-X4 does the exact same thing.

Did you ever get it fixed?

Re: Sony PS-X4 Clicking sound (Mechanical)

Posted: 23 Nov 2017 18:29
by circuitking
Hello - I've been restoring a PS-X5 and PS-X6 for the last several weeks. Based on what others have had to say as well as my own experience, the best long term fix is to clean out all the old wax-like grease lubrication on all moving parts. There is a small flip lever near the base of the tonearm that seems to determine the timing and movement of many other parts. I've re-lubed all pivot points and moving parts with white lithium grease and the entire automatic cueing and return worked mechanism worked as designed. As you disassemble be careful of the record size selector lever assembly. There is a vital piece that becomes brittle over time and will crack if overtightened. Good luck!