Sony PS 454 arm weights

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Sony PS 454 arm weights

Post by Medved67 » 15 Jun 2016 17:49

Hello, I am new to the forum and couldn't find anything for Sony PS 454 turntable, sorry if this has been discussed already.
I recently bought the whole Sony set, including turntable, amplifier, double cassette deck, all with original manuals. The only thing missing is arm weights, and I was unsuccessful looking for them on eBay etc. Would anyone have any suggestions on the source, have ones for sale, or have any information for it? Highly appreciated in advance!


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Re: Sony PS 454 arm weights

Post by GR Dori » 18 May 2019 19:41

I have seen the Sony PS-454 in sales ads around the 'net, and from what I can see, it is an alternate model [number] of the Sony PS-LX2.
In 1981 the PS-LX2 was sold worldwide as a stand-alone component turntable.
When Sony wanted to sell a packaged system, the model numbers of the individual components are changed to indicate the package model number [like yours, sold within a pre-packaged system].
Or, in some cases, a brick-and-mortar retailer in the '80s wanted to sell a Sony turntable but a nearby competitor was beating them on price, Sony would offer the same unit but with an alternate model number [The Sony PS-LX2 at Tech Hi-fi for $89.99 vs. the Sony PS-454 at Sounds Great -3/4 mile down-the-road- for $94.99] Both models were essentially the same at both stores, but when competing and matching pri¢e, the model numbers have to match.

So, you need to search for info [your manual is here, at VE-->] and parts for your PS-454 by using the worldwide model number: PS-LX2. I Hope this Helps!

A little History:

In the '80s Sony was mass-producing turntables, in silver & black and selling them with several model numbers world-wide.
My main TT is a PS-LX5, Quartz-Locked, Direct Drive, Fully Auto, Remote capable - in the living room--yes, I can remotely start and stop it. It has the same Wow-and-Flutter, Signal-to-Noise Ratio [Rumble] and Speed accuracy specs of all the models above it made by Sony in 1981, including the PS-X800[.025%/-78dB/>.0003%-respectively].

In my office, I have a rebuilt Sony PS-350 [an alternate model of the PS-LX3, the PS-350 was sold in a pre-packaged system with a matched Receiver and Loudspeakers, it doesn't have synchro-record and remote control jacks of the PS-LX3 or PS-LX5].
I rebuilt the PS-350 with a motor/board assembly from a Sony PS-LX5.
When I got this turntable, I was able to get all of the auto functions performing perfectly [by removing all the -hardened/ear wax- factory applied brown lithium grease and replacing it with Super Lube -PTFE/Teflon grease], after trying for a week, the speed couldn't be stabilized so I bought a replacement motor for the PS-350 and chose a used motor from a PS-LX5. Though the circuit boards are different, the replacement dropped right in! This turntable is now outperforming it's original design. By replacing the faulty original motor with one from a PS-LX5, Quartz-Lock and Electromagnetic Braking are new features, not present in the original PS-350. The servo "locked" light now comes on and is steady, and speed is dead-on. Now, this TT is virtually the same as my LX5, only lacking the "Quartz Lock", "SPEED" and "REPEAT" indicator Light/LEDs [less "bling"]. I have also seen an alternate model of my PS-LX5, as a PS-550 from a seller in Japan. The German Wega Company [acquired by Sony in the '80s] made and sold the PS-LX3[PS-350] as the Wega P555.
--Sorry, a lot of History!
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