Hall device and motor amp offset, PS-X50 (60,70?)

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Hall device and motor amp offset, PS-X50 (60,70?)

Post by Snerik » 04 Jun 2013 09:32

I have a PS-X50 wich had speed issues so i changed all the capicators and now its working ok. :)
To make sure that everything is really perfect i wanted to do the electrical adjustments (page 13,14 in manual), voltage was easy but i failed trying to adjust hall gain device and motor amp offset. I couldn`t get any stable messurements, the numbers just vandring around.
I am faar from an expert but i have the basic electric knowledge and really like to learn more. I have pro instruments (multimeter, power supply and ocilloscope.

What am i doing wrong? I followed the instructions and pictures on page 13,14.
Should the plater be mounted?, power on or off?, should i discnonect some more cabels?

Is there anyone out there who has done these adjustments? I really need some help [-o<

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Re: Hall device and motor amp offset, PS-X50 (60,70?)

Post by freebee » 24 Apr 2019 15:21

Hi Erik,

Were you able to adjust the hall device and motor amp offset?

I have been trying to make the same adjustments with no luck.

If you managed to do it, could you tell how you did it?

So far I have tried the following:
1. remove wire between two pins
2. connect regulated power supply (ground connected to ground point on turntable)
3. power switch on without having turntable connected to the power socket (so not powered on)
4. Oscilloscope connected as stated in manual (ground connected to ground point on turntable)

I hope you can help me out here.

Kind regards,

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