Sony Biotracer

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Sony Biotracer

Post by memepool » 17 Nov 2005 18:37

Hi I have just got hold of the cool Sony PS-FL77 which is a drawer loading deck. The Biotracer arm is the Linear tracking variety with a P-Mount cart. I am just wondering whether its worth putting a better cart on it like one of the Ortofons.
Is this advisable? will the arm rebalance itself or do I need to take the thing apart to see if there is a counterweight that can be reset?
I guess I could remove the current cart and weigh it and then find one as close to this as possible.
Any one any experience of this?
I did try out a PS-X600 for a while once and seem to remeber being able to change carts on that no trouble at all.

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Post by LousyTourist » 17 Nov 2005 21:22

wow, a biotracer... I had one of those for many years.

As I remember, there is a "zero balance" button that you hold down to free the tonearm for balancing level with the platter.

After that, set the VTF via the dial and away you go!

As to whether it's worth a better cartridge, well, last go round I had a Grado Blue cartridge on it and it sounded fine... doesn't have the panache of a non-plastic bodied TT, but I still liked it.

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