help Sony PS-X6 ?

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help...Sony PS-X6...?

Post by nov05 » 08 Jun 2005 15:40

I found two of these turntables on a dumpster in an alley
the other night. While they seem to be in good condition, neither
of them have what I think is called a 'stylus' on the end of the arm.

I just found the manual for the PS-X6 on this site, and saw that it was
dated from 1977.

I guess I am wondering if it is even possible to find parts for this model
and if so is it worth it to buy the parts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Post by euclid » 09 Jun 2005 05:27

I don't know if Sony supports such old equipment. They probably don't. But that may not be a major problem. It depends on what you need.

The stylus may be available somewhere. But it appears to use a cartridge with the most common type of cartridge mounting. This means that there is a wide selection of cartridges that will work. You can find many new and old opinions in the Cartridge forum.

The head shell appers to be removable. If it is it is probably the most common style. If so, there are new and used ones available.

The automatic arm is often a big negative in old turntables. Part of the mechanism is very delicate and the whole works depends on good lubrication. If the grease is old and hard, this mechanism will often hang up or do other starnge things. Cleaning and greasing with a similar greas may be needed.

The motor bearing and other parts of the mechanism may need lubrication. If the oils and grease are not available from Sony, use high quality grease and oil from other sources. Old posts in the Turntables Forum have information about other lubes. I have recently revived a Kenwood belt drive which stopped working because the buttons for start and stop quit woring because of hardened grease.

This is a direct drive turntable. There are probably no belts or other rubber parts that stretch and fail after many years. There are parts in the electroicc servo that controls the motor that go bad over time. The good news is that many of these parts (especially the electrolytic capacitors) a generic and available from many good electronics supply houses.

Try running the platter to see if it spins correctly. Also check to see if the tone arm moves freely when it is not in the automatic "start playing" or "stop playing" sequences. If it does, it is probably worth the expense and effort to replace the cartridge.

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